Collision Of Extremes

Although it was repeated by virtually all legitimate news media, I first received the news from Reuters. The headline read; World registers hottest day ever recorded on July 3. I’ll be brief today but don’t mistake my brevity for irrelevance.

July 3, 2023 was the hottest day since 1979 (when global records began being complied in a manner that was inclusive). It was the hottest since 1940 when, largely due to World War II, global records and data were far from complete.

Many scientists believe it was the hottest day in the last 125,000 years.

Most major countries have at least one right wing political party. Only one of them, the American Republican party, disavows man’s involvement in climate change and many of its prominent members disavow the existence of climate change.

Extreme politics and extreme weather; especially when that extreme politics comes from a nation that must be a leader in the fight against any global threat is a recipe for disaster.

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  1. The record temps of July 3rd, were eclipsed by the temps of July 4th.

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