Club Rules

As if it weren’t already abundantly apparent the incoming Trump administration confirmed that they intend on playing the political game by their own set of rules when NBC News reported that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, would have a West Wing position. When you elect a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club to the nation’s highest office what would you expect other than someone who will play by the rules he always has: the Lucky Sperm Cell Club’s rules?

Those who will be most disappointed by Trump will not be liberals like me who voted for Hillary Clinton; they will be those who come from my working class background but voted for Trump expecting him to be their savior. Trump is not the champion of the common man. He is the child of privilege who never truly had to work for anything. Furthermore he is surrounding himself with “like people” who also have no idea of what the lives of average Americans are in 2017. One of the excuses his nominees are offering for not getting their paperwork into investigative government agencies is that the forms don’t provide sufficient space to accommodate their wealth.

The appointment of Kushner appears to violate the letter of anti-nepotism laws. It certainly violates their spirit. One of the “work arounds” Trump is providing is that Kushner (another member of the Club) will not be taking a salary. In reality he doesn’t need the money and will profit far more than the foregone salary by using his influence and inside information to benefit “side business deals”. This also makes a case that the rules only apply to those who actually need a paycheck and that those of (mainly inherited) wealth play by a different set of rules.

Trump is operating under the Nixonian: If the President does it than it is not illegal rule and the reality of who is going to stop him? The first part is clearly a lie; but one that nobody powerful enough is willing to call him on. The latter is the current reality. The Senate Republicans could stop him in his tracks but they won’t. Is it lack of courage? Is it that they finally feel they have the corruptible President that they can bribe into signing their harmful legislation? Is it some warped sense of Party loyalty that trumps (no pun intended) patriotism? Is it fear of the Trump’s popularity with Bubba -who has become the base of the Republican primary electorate – would cost them their seat?

Sunday night Meryl Streep criticized Trump’s bad behavior during a Golden Globe Awards speech as she accepted a lifetime achievement award. Trump’s response was a tweet (what else?) in which he called her an “Overrated” actress. The remark on its face is laughable! In fifty years when Americans discuss the great American actresses Streep’s name will feature prominently in the conversation. When the topic turns to the great American President’s don’t expect Trump’s name to be mentioned. In a 2015 interview with a Hollywood publication Trump praised Streep’s acting ability and also praised her personally. If it weren’t for falsehoods and self-contradictions 140 characters might be too much for The Donald.

The only thing that can stop Trump is a huge public backlash led by the media highlighting his transgression and not rebroadcasting his highlighting of little victories that in many cases he had nothing to do with. Trump may well have been able to lead his life by Club Rules but he can’t successfully run America by them.

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  1. Unfortunately the mainstream media has shown itself to have become completely shorn of it’s former dedication to objective and responsible journalism. Are the people going to have to rise up and burn the studios before the media pays attention?

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