Cleaning Up Before The Holiday

As the ignorant among us prepare for Trumpapalooza in DC tomorrow I thought it might be a good opportunity to try and clean out my notes and again attempt to catchup on the recent sins of the Trump administration and their enablers. Let’s explore.

Second quarter fundraising numbers are starting to come out and it is reported that Trump raised $105 million. That is impressive! It also tells me there are a lot of fools who have been separated from their money.

Obviously I think it is foolish to support Trump, but that is a matter of opinion. I’ll take it one very large step further in this instance. What makes the donors think the money is actually going to be used in a reelection effort? I contend it is, at least in large part, going in two other directions. Am I the only one who wouldn’t put it past Trump to be pocketing a considerable percentage of the “take”? I think not. Trump and his inner circle are involved in a multitude of lawsuits with the promise of many more to come. How do you think the lawyers are getting paid?

This extends well beyond the President himself. Part of how he is obtaining the loyalty of others is by paying their very considerable legal fees. We actually have some evidence to support this and I’m certain much more will become public over time. The money is being laundered before it gets to the law firms but you know Trump is not the original source. Trump is a world class expert at spending other people’s money. While I am not a fashion expert I will offer this observation to Trump supporters: that snapback red MAGA hat looks ridiculous.

Am I the only one who finds it un-American that convicted felon Paul Manafort is held in better conditions than refugee children are? The Justice Department intervened to keep him out of Riker’s Island where people, many of whom are innocent, but can’t make bail are held. I wonder if Barr himself wouldn’t get involved if Manafort was told to drink out of a toilet as refugee mothers forcibly separated from their children have been instructed to do.

Last weekend Trump was engaged in a foreign policy/photo-op with Ivanka tour. The video of Ivanka inserting herself into a conversation among the President, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, French President Emmanuel Macron, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and International Monetary Fund Chief Christine Lagard has gone viral. In it Lagarde is visibly annoyed with Ivanka’s interruption. Ivanka also followed her father as he tiptoed into North Korea. In the “royal family’s” minds I bet they think they are setting her up to be daddy’s successor. Should Trump win a second term the Republicans are so short of patriotism, wisdom and courage I wouldn’t doubt they would run her. (It would be interesting to see how Mike Pence handled that.)

I have a slightly different and more sinister twist on how Trump is handling Kim Jung-un. This is speculation but if you pause a moment to consider it, it is not that far-fetched. The North Koreans have world class hacking ability. Could Trump be afraid of a North Korean hack against the 2020 election to his detriment? He can’t defend against it on this end because in the process he would have to defend against Trump-friendly hacker(s) that he needs. For decades North Korea has desired to appear as an equal to the United States. Trump has now met with Kim three times, once on Kim’s own turf. In the latest meeting he invited Kim to the White House. Their denuclearization agreement wasn’t worth the air it was spoken through. Trump cancelled joint military exercises, a long time North Korean demand. In exchange we received some remains of soldiers who died in the Korean War. That ended before most Americans alive today were born. I mean no disrespect to the dead but that hardly seems like a major victory to me.

A little more than a year after the United States unilaterally broke the Iran Nuclear Deal, Iran breached the limit on uranium enrichment. How’s that “foreign policy stroke of genius” working out for you now Mr. President?

Over the weekend Trump announced he would allow American firms to sell technology to Hauwei. For those of you who need a refresher, that is the Chinese firm accused of espionage by most western intelligence agencies. I’m awaiting the news that some well-connected family (very possibly named Trump) got a sweetheart deal involving China. What concern is national security when you can make a buck?

This item is about ten days old but I couldn’t let it pass unmentioned. Oregon shut down its state capital in response to a threat from militia groups. A President who believed in the rule of law would have mobilized law enforcement to maintain order and not let a small gun touting group of radicals kill democracy. Hopefully we will again have a law abiding president in late January of 2021.

Late last month we learned that Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Paul Manafort were texting each other (the modern day equivalent of pen pals) while Manafort was on trial in violation of the conditions of his parole. We know that Trump often has a “tuck-in” call with Hannity after his show airs. But Trump would have us believe that there was no collusion and no conspiracy. You connect those dots.

I’m not certain of exactly what I will be doing tomorrow evening but I can guarantee you it won’t include listening to Trump’s campaign rally speech! America has survived a lot of adversity and with a little bit of luck we will survive Trump too. I have to believe that or all hope is gone.

Just a thought: How much could we do for homeless and hungry veterans with the money we are wasting on Independence Day celebrations? Instead we add Trumpapalooza.

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