Christmas 2016

Today is Christmas and as is the tradition at it is time to extend a few Christmas wishes to progressives and those who have helped forward the progressive cause.

David Farenthold: The continued green light from the Washington Post to expose Donald Trump’s lies and dirty financial “laundry”.

Chuck Schumer: The wisdom to know when to deal, know when to take a stand and to know when to just let it happen. Having lost the White House and with the rules in the House of Representatives the Senate will often be the only line of defense in Washington.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Stephen Breyer: Good health! America and the world simply cannot afford to lose any of you with Trump in the White House and the Republicans in control of the Senate.

Planned Parenthood: Donations and volunteers. We know your organization in particular will be in the Republicans’ cross hairs. Only the people can save your and other similar organizations during America’s coming Dark Age.

Elizabeth Warren: A continued healthy voice. You already have ample courage and intelligence and need to continue to be progressives’ voice in the Senate speaking truth to evil intentions.

Federal government employees: Direct supervisors who will protect your rights. The top tier appointees of this temporary occupant of the White House (ironically I stole that line from the late General Douglas MacArthur) will try to hassle career civil servants who they perceive as threats because they actually know what they are doing and have the people’s wellbeing at heart.

Political junkies: Some great “tell all” books from inside the 2016 campaigns.

Today’s posting is short because I want everyone to enjoy the holiday while we still live in a country that resembles the America I know. In less than a month it may look very different for four years.

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