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Today’s Senate Shapshot

While when we get to the bottom line not much has changed since the last time, I felt it was time to take another look at the 2024 Senate races. The biggest change I made was to add a new category.
The basics remain the same. The Democrats enter the contest with a one seat “lead”. If the new race ends up in a tie control goes to whichever party wins the White House (despite the polls I still favor Joe Biden and thereby the Democrats but only by the thinnest of margins). The Republicans have 11 seats to defend and the Democrats 23.

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Progressive Sweeping LXIV

I know I’ll never cover all I’d like to so I won’t waste much space on today’s intro.

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I’m extremely cautiously optimistic about President Biden’s chances in November. I don’t care what the polls currently say. I’m looking at other factors and down the road but I see one huge stumbling block other than the always unpredictable unknown, that worries me and I’d like to write about that today.

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The Unshockable Electorate

Arguably the biggest American political story of the week just passed is the Donald Trump hush money trial in New York City. Judging by “ink” it certainly was. I will comment on it a bit (some of which may violate my PG rating) but my main thrust is our collective attitude toward it. I plan to end on an unrelated high note.

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