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I recently got to spend about ten days with my toddler grandson. His favorite song is Shawn Mendes’ There’s Nothing Holden’ Me Back. Mendes is a Canadian. I lived the first 47 years of my life on the Canadian border and today is Boxing Day. Juxtapose all those facts and you have today’s somewhat satirical and entertaining article. Come along with me.

When I discovered that Shawn was Canadian it made me reflect on other Canadian musical acts I have enjoyed through the years so I decided to come up with a personal top ten. Upon further review of their songs I discovered that with a little poetic license they could explain the attraction, rise and deception of Donald Trump.


Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride. The line “Fantasy will set you free” describes the attraction of Trump to the depressed and desperate.

Paul Anka’s, (yes, I’m old), Lonely Boy describes many Trump voters with the lines “I’m just a lonely boy, lonely and blue” and “But all I want is someone to love”. These Trump voters felt desperate and abandoned by politicians of both political parties and responded to what they will eventually learn was a false prophet.

Anne Murray’s Love Song. This song predicts the “seduction” of a Trump with the line “I want to sing you a love song”.

Tal Bachman’s She’s So High may be my favorite song by a Canadian artist. Briefly, it is a song about a boy’s feeling of unworthiness. That is how many Trump voters felt about Trump. They were mesmerized by what they perceived as such a great man asking for their support and (disingenuously) praising them.

Bryan Adams’ Heaven.   The refrain of “We’re in heaven”. This is how many Trump voters initially felt when he won. They had drunk the Kool-Aid and actually thought Trump was going to solve all their problems with a few, quick acts.

The Real Donald Trump:

Gordon Lightfoot’s If You Could Read My Mind more than any other song portended what Trump was thinking all the time he praised his adoring masses. The telling line is “If you could read my mind love, what a tale my thoughts would tell.” Trump had little but contempt for what in his mind were the losers that followed him.

Rush’s Closer To The Heart tells of Trump’s misunderstanding of the Presidency, Constitution and the way Washington works. “And the men who hold high places must be the ones who start to mold a new reality”; that is what Trump thought he could singlehandedly do.

The Reality Of A President Trump:

Shawn Mendes’ There’s Nothing Holden’ Me Back is an illustration of Trump’s perception of reality in the Oval Office. Since he lacks morals and any real political philosophy he feels he can do anything that serves his personal agenda at that given moment with total disregard to the past or his promises along with the repercussions and legality of his actions. If he can get away with it for the moment and make a nickel in the process he will do it. In his mind there is nothing holding him back!

The Guess Who’s No Time is exactly what Trump has for his base voters when making policy deals. He’ll give them plenty of rhetoric that they will love and then support policies that shortchange them.

But I fear that Bachman-Turner Overdrive provides us with a succinct conclusion in You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet. The lines are “You ain’t seen nothin yet. Here’s something that you never gonna forget.” As wild as Trump has been I feel safe in predicting it will get even wilder before it is over. Heroes may be, but villains are seldom soon forgotten.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article; I had fun researching and writing it. An interesting bit of rock history I learned in the course of researching it is that Randy Bachman was a member of both Bachman-Turner Overdrive and The Guess Who along with being the father of Tal Bachman. Enjoy Boxing Day wherever you may be.

It has become my practice to take the end of the year off from writing. Therefore today’s article was written well before publishing.

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