Braggin’ Not …

Well, if my gut is correct the biggest American political story of the week will be much bigger before its “lifespan” is extinguished. I’m talking of the confirmation of Ketanji Brown Jackson (KBJ) to the Supreme Court.

I’m a baseball fan. In reality football long ago replaced baseball as America’s favorite sport but it is still the national pastime. (The national pastime is not always a nations favorite sport. Did you know that lacrosse is the national pastime of Canada? Do you honestly think Canadians follow it more closely and passionately than hockey?) Thursday was the 2022 Opening Day of Major League Baseball. It was also the day the Senate voted 53-47 to confirm Jackson. That was not lost on me. In fact, I commented in a text that perhaps it was an omen of hope for American democracy.

Jackson will take her seat in the early summer when the Court has concluded this term and Justice Breyer officially retires. Initially her presence will not change the court. With Breyer the so-called liberal side was a 6-3 underdog and the “player swap” will not change that except that Jackson is a more reliable liberal vote, Breyer in reality being more of a centrist. But my gut tells me something a bit different if you have the patience (and the nation can survive that long).

I see Jackson more like a somewhat combination of Thurgood Marshall and Ruth Bader Ginsberg (RBG). I expect some stirring dissents from her even early in her time on the high court. The outside world knows little of the inner workings of the nine but I see Jackson as someone who will make her peers think their positions hard. As a Black woman she knows what it is like to be overlooked and dismissed (at least initially) for no valid reason and will have both compassion for and understanding of many plaintiffs before the Court.

At best, it is extremely difficult to project far into the future. The odds are I will be dead before Jackson leaves the high court’s bench. I could certainly see her being in the Court’s majority before her time is done. It is not that farfetched to see her being the Chief Justice someday if the circumstances conspire.

Much of today’s article was speculative. Of this much I am certain: Thursday was a great day for American democracy!

From a political standpoint it is a victory; a campaign promise fulfilled. One that should motivate much needed voters to show up at the polls. I guess you could say I’m braggin’ – oh well, you know the rest of that – which is something that I usually do in these articles.

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