Boy, Was I Stupid!

Especially this time of the year, I budget space for specific articles. I had budgeted today’s space for an article on Donald Trump’s promised December 15th press conference, (I guess they are no longer “press availabilities”), on how he was going to resolve his business conflicts of interest. Monday night he sent out a tweet (what else) saying that it was cancelled. No reschedule date was set. His transition team said that Trump was so busy concentrating on filling out his Cabinet that he hadn’t had the time to finalize the arrangements of his business affairs. Let’s explore.

Like most bullies, Trump is a coward. A brave man would have held a news conference at which he would have explained his decision to cancel the December 15th event and fielded questions from the press. Trump is not brave. Twitter doesn’t ask intelligent questions that you have to answer on live international television. It’s easy to talk malarkey in 140 characters or less and then send you minions out to defend you.

As to the Cabinet all his choices have done to date is provide fodder for comedians and scare the hell out of anyone with an IQ above room temperature!  If that is keeping him busy what is he going to do when he actually has to assume the job of the presidency?

I should have known better than to expect even a lame excuse of a resolution from Trump on the 15th. This actually fits a pattern of behavior. Remember the tax returns that would be released “Shortly”; just as soon as the IRS audit was over. Of course we don’t know if they were ever being audited in the first place. Then there is the fact that there is no law or IRS regulation that prevents a citizen from publically releasing tax returns that are under audit. Trump has yet –and I assume never will – release his tax returns. In reality he believes they are none of our business and is offended by having what he considers to be his inferiors (which includes almost the entire global population) wanting to see them in the first place. That excuse proved to be an effective way to keep a lot of dirt hidden under the rug.

At one point in the campaign his wife’s immigration history came into question. Specifically did she work in the United States before she had the legal right to? This is especially relevant since it appears that Trump had a history of employing foreign models without the proper immigration documentation. Several months ago Trump promised us that his wife was a meticulous record keeper whose work was always legal and that she would hold a press conference within a few weeks and prove it to the world. That press conference never took place and those documents and records (on the bold assumption they exist) have never been made public. I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation of that either!

I have written that the incoming administration looks much more like a criminal enterprise designed to enrich the Trump family than an Executive Branch. Newsweek just broke a story that Turkey and Indonesia may well be taking special actions in attempts to influence Trump by enriching him. In Turkey’s case that is especially troubling because it looks like they may well also be blackmailing Trump and Turkey is the key to the Middle East as well as being a pivotal NATO member.

Trump seems to have an affinity for autocrats. His relationship with Russia’s Vladimir Putin is troubling and now it is revealed he is doing business with Turkish strongman and ruler Recep Erdogan. Erdogan survived a coup this summer and has been cracking down on the political opposition since. That is a strong leader in Trump’s opinion. Erdogan had a Turkish Trump business ally arrested recently and it appears he may he using his release as an enticement for Trump to extradite a Muslim cleric living in Philadelphia who Erdogan wants custody of. This is the stuff of spy novels; the release of a captive in exchange for the kidnapping and turnover of someone else. The cleric would be being delivered to his execution or permanent imprisonment either of which would almost undoubtedly include torture.

My bet is that Trump’s businesses will be run by his kid’s in what Trump will call a blind trust. In reality Trump’s greed will be somewhat satisfied by being paid off by foreign entities that will suddenly green light stalled Trump projects. That is only part of his “skimming scheme”.  It’s just Don Trump wetting his beak at the expense of his country’s national security! To think I was actually stupid enough to budget time to reporting on a Trump promise!

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