Both Sides Of Trump Derangement Syndrome

There is something to this Trump Derangement Syndrome thing; and it has two sides. Let’s explore.

Trump apologists and enablers have come up with a new “liberal disease” they call Trump Derangement Syndrome. Their theory goes that liberals are so deranged that they automatically criticize anything President Trump does as a knee jerk reaction. There is something to this bit of right wing mythology (and a lot more that is incorrect). I find myself writing about Trump a lot more than I would like to and it is almost all critical. That has nothing to do with not liking Trump – although I readily admit to that – it has everything to do with Trump’s actions. Outside the Donald Dome it is a concept known as the truth.

I have spent a good part of the last two years trying to understand why so many Americans (it is a minority, but a sizeable one) actually support Trump. To me it is the other side of Trump Derangement Syndrome. This inane worship of Trump by working class Americans despite the obvious facts that prove Trump is screwing them. His rally in Tampa last week gave several glaring examples. I want to touch on just two.

One of the major networks broadcast an exit interview they did with a devotee in the audience. This man was obviously not one of the super wealthy who is benefiting from Trump’s tax and deregulation policies. Yet he went on telling the reporter how smart Trump was. His analysis of the President was that he was, “Cut from a different cloth.” It was like listening to an infallibility of the Pope argument or the devotee of a 1930’s European fascist leader.

Looking at the pictures of the rally the next day I was among the many who were intrigued by all the “Q’s”. I did not know what they represented. The “Q’s” are shorthand for Qanon, which is a “handle” used on some message boards. Qanon, (who may or may not be an actual person), gives them “inside intelligence” on what is really going on in the Trump administration as their hero Trump fights the “Deep State.” Their “realities” iare too numerous and outlandish to repeat.

These are the people who led the attack on Jim Acosta of CNN. In their minds CNN is fake news and the enemy of the people while Qanon’s rants are real. Such is right wing mythology and it is dangerous!

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders effectively defended their actions in a news conference the next day citing the First Amendment and illustrating the danger of the press publishing classified information with a long debunked story about Osama bin Laden’s phone. I can understand right wing mythology ruling among the less well educated and reading comprehension challenged who are incapable of critical thinking. When it leaks into the Oval Office which is full of six-figure salaries that is unacceptable, dangerous and waste of taxpayers’ money!

While items like that dominated the news the Republican destruction of America ensued full steam ahead. The following are a few examples.

The Trump administration widened the availability of junk health insurance plans. I call them placebo health insurance policies. They make the buyer feel protected but really don’t cover anything. The other danger is that they take relatively healthy and therefore relatively inexpensive to cover people out of the Obamacare pools thereby raising the rates for those who remain while leaving those healthy people effectively uninsured in case they unfortunately fall outside the odds. When they can’t pay society does. Modern Republican orthodoxy: Privatize the profits and socialize the losses.

The Senate approved a short-term (until November 30th.) extension for flood insurance. That takes it past the elections and the hurricane season. As liberal as I am I admit there are problems with our current flood insurance program. You would think a supposedly fiscally conservative Party that controls both chambers of Congress and the White House would fix the problem not just put a politically expedient patch on it.

Last week Facebook publically revealed foreign interference in the 2018 mid-terms. The week before Trump held his first National Security Council meeting on the topic. Attendees, which numbered in the double digits, started leaving the meeting after 30 minutes. How much time did each have to report? You do the math. There was no statement or policy revealed after the meeting. In other words it was for show like the gun control meeting, but at least we were spared a televised farce.

The Republican controlled Senate did an equally fine job of protecting America. It voted down a measure that would have provided an additional $250 million for election security. Tennessee’s Bob Corker (who notably is retiring at the end of this term) was the only Republican to vote for the measure. Hmmmm.

The Senate also voted for the reconciled (with Republicans controlling that conference committee) Defense Authorization Bill that eliminated sanctions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE for their sales to Iran and North Korea despite our intelligence services labeling the company a security threat. Have the Trump-led Republicans actually become a political party that is soft on national defense in my lifetime?

Let me get this right wing perception correct: When I say Trump and his minions are doing harm I am the one who is deranged?

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  1. This is what incipient fascism looks like. I saw Cory Lewandowski on TV the other day and the first thing that popped into my mind was: “All he needs is a brown shirt”.

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