Born In Buffalo (And a Few Other Things)

This is the last of my “live” postings of 2021 and I though it was a fine opportunity to do a clean up type article. I guess everyone has some sort of special feelings for their birthplace and today I’m going to say something nice about mine in the leadoff segment.

Born In Buffalo

The first Starbucks corporate store in the nation to unionize was in Buffalo, New York earlier this month. I was born in Buffalo, grew up in its suburbs and graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo so long ago that almost all but three of my classes were held at the city campus.

Unions built the middle class in America and if the working class/middle class is ever to recover from Ronald Reagan it will be the unions that lead the charge. I’m feeling proud.

Staying In The State

Monday the Supreme Court upheld the right of New York state to require health care workers to be vaccinated only allowing medical exemptions. It is good to see even this Court occasionally making a common sense ruling consistent with precedent, (at least two previous Court rulings that I am aware of), and public safety.

Telling It Like It Is

A frustrated Colorado Governor Jared Polis recently summed up his feelings about the unvaccinated who find themselves hospitalized with COVID, “It’s your fault”. With the rare exception of those who cannot be vaccinated because of age or a medical condition I agree with the Governor!

The Best Media Marketing Move Of All Time

Sunday morning Chris Wallace announced that he was leaving Fox News. Within an hour CNN announced that he would be joining their new streaming venture CNN+. I am willing to bet that when they went to bed Saturday night very, very few Americans knew that CNN+ was coming. By noon on Sunday it was common knowledge especially among potential customers. In the process CNN got Fox News’ only real journalist. I don’t know what they are paying Wallace but it sounds like a steal to me.

My regular readers know my lack of respect for Fox News – they have earned it. Just how do you run a 24/7 news channel without even one legitimate journalist? Tune in and we’ll find out.

America Is Not Always The Smartest Country

I feel fortunate to be an American and think that sum and total we are the greatest country in the history of the planet. That doesn’t mean we are always correct or have an exclusive on smart decisions. Recently Canada and France both proved that. They outlawed conversion therapy which I, among others, derisively call pray away the gay. It’s a scam plain and simple and at least Canada and France are protecting their people. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the United States to follow suit.

Glad To See It!

The parents of two sisters who survived the recent Michigan school shooting have filed a nine-figure suit against the school. It certainly appears that as in many tragedies this one had multiple points of failure and the actions of school officials was among them. This won’t bring back the dead or undo the harm to the others students but it will make schools change their procedures and in the not that long run save lives regardless of the success or failure of the parents in court.


Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson could fairly be called Vladimir Putin’s useful idiot. For some time now he has been puppeting Russian disinformation and by virtue of his position amplifying it.

Recently he was just a plain idiot. He suggested that gargling mouthwash would prevent COVID. This is similar to Trump’s ingesting bleach idea. Listerine, like Clorox, quickly issue a counter message.

This Is Why We Need Pre-Clearance

The Justice Department filed suit against Texas for their Republican redistricting plan that openly discriminates against Latinos. Texas picked up two House seats almost exclusively because of Latino population growth and yet in the new plan there will be no Latino majority districts.

Before the Roberts Court gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in Shelby states with history of voter discrimination had to have any redistricting plans pre-cleared by the Justice Department. The problem here (and we’ve seen it before) is that several elections will be held before the courts make Texas redraw their maps. The redrawn maps will also be unfair and we will go through the same drill again. In the end several elections will be unfair and the laws passed or not passed cannot be undone. In 2030 there will be another census and followed by another redistricting cycle. This is a classic case of fighting a “fire” that could and should have been prevented.

Well I could do a lot more but a lot of your are busy getting ready for the holidays so that is all for today folks.

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