Betrayal Of The Troops And Veterans

President Trump is almost devoid of a political agenda. Other than an organized criminal enterprise I really can’t think of what his administration is or what it stands for. Trump likes to portray himself as a great defender of the troops and the vets. He is neither and if you had any doubt recent events should have erased it. Let’s explore.

The big, well publicized controversy is that Russian President Vladimir Putin put a bounty on the heads of American servicemen and women in Afghanistan. The betrayal of the veterans by Trump’s handpicked Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Robert Wilke, hardly got a mention but is almost as bad. Whether active or veteran if you think Trump has your back/best interests at heart you are sadly mistaken. Trump despises both the active duty troops and veterans; he regards then as easily manipulated losers.

When the news broke of the Russian bounty Trump went through a variety of lies to dismiss the issue. It was a “Hoax”, “Fake news”, then he didn’t know anything about it; he was never told and it wasn’t credible intelligence. (I probably missed a few and who knows what lies will be told between writing and publishing.)

As to being informed, it has been verified by multiple credible news agencies that the information was included in the February 27, 2020 Presidential Daily Brief (PDB). (There are reports of Trump being notified of the situation in early 2019 but they are not sufficiently verified to satisfy at this writing.) Trump claims not to have read it. If he didn’t whose fault is that? Trump was so busy that day that he managed to find time for a 45 minute “photo op” with some obscure radio/podcast performers.

A president not reading the PDB is like a student not reading an assigned book in English class and then demanding the instructor give them an A for the test reviewing it. At best Trump has a time management problem. Perhaps a bit less Twitter and Fox News time and more actual working at running America is in order. Mr. Trump, if the job is too demanding simple resign.

If Trump didn’t read the report are we to believe that nobody else did and that none of them brought it to his attention? That is difficult to believe since we know that several National Security Council meetings were held to discuss the situation and prepare alternative actions for Trump to consider. All this and we are to believe that Trump was totally unaware of the situation. If that is so I have to ask: just what is Trump paying attention to?

As to being a hoax or not credible what about the subsequent discovery of financial transactions consistent with the payment of the bounties? Are we to believe that Russia was just making “charitable donations”?

Now let’s shift to discussing Trump’s boy, Wilke. To me one of the biggest scandals that never get talked about is for-profit “colleges” taking advantage of GI benefits. In March, after investigations by several state Attorneys General and the Federal Trade Commission determined that the University of Phoenix, Colorado Technical University, American InterContinental University, Bellevue University and Temple University were involved in false and misleading advertising in their recruitment efforts aimed at veterans and their GI benefits. Three of the five are strictly for-profit, online schools that are generally looked upon as modern day correspondence schools and certainly not regarded as the equals of tradition universities.

Many poorer kids enlist in the military after high school because they find college unaffordable. They plan to use their GI benefits to attend school after their enlistment in the hope of it leading to a better future for them (and by that time often their family). These entities are effectively stealing their benefits – which the taxpayers foot the bill for – in exchange for questionable if not useless degrees.

Back in March the VA gave the schools 60 days to rectify the problems or be deemed in eligible for GI benefits for future students. Keep in mind that for over a decade the University of Phoenix has been the largest recipient of GI benefits funds.

Last Thursday, (Friday was the federal government’s observance of Independence Day), the VA announced the schools had sufficiently clean up their acts. Was this effectively a Friday news dump on a holiday weekend?

Cadet Bone Spurs thinks servicemen and women are gullible fools while in uniform and after. In his mind their only usefulness is as pawns of war, easily mislead voters and prospects for his fellow higher education scammers who often just so happen to be among his campaign financiers.

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