Being Outside Of A Silo

Juxtapose two relatively minor news items from last weekend and you have today’s article. I promise reading further will be worth your time and make you think.

Reporters talking to likely GOP primary voters have uncovered a lack of concern over Donald Trump’s indictments. Many are simply Trump diehards, but a significant portion are of the opinion that President Biden is so weak that it really doesn’t matter who the Republicans nominate.

Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, who is up for reelection in 2024, made what many in the GOP base will consider anti-Trump statements. He said the truth out loud that Trump is a weak candidate in the general election.

The conflict is apparent and my question is: Why?

Much of the Republican primary electorate lives in a news silo long on right wing mythology and short on things like facts and the truth. If you listen to the right wing noise, America is going to hell in a handbasket under Biden and it was all full steam ahead under Trump. If that was all you ever heard it would only be logical to consider Biden vulnerable to any candidate.

(I will stipulate that Biden is no longer a polished speaker and not the strong debater he once was. Remember he actually won the 2008 Democratic Primary debates against the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. A general election debate(s) facing Trump or somebody who can speak in complete sentences will be a challenge for him to win on style points.)

Senator Cassidy is privy to the truth and lives in reality. I expect him to win reelection in 2024 but he seems to be acting to ensure that outcome. Could he be concerned with a possible 2024 Blue Backlash? Cassidy was one of the handful of Republican Senators who voted guilty in Trump’s second impeachment trial. One of the outcomes of a conviction would have been Trump’s ineligibility to run in 2024. With someone other than Trump at the top of the ticket Cassidy is a virtual shoe in in deep red Louisiana. Did Cassidy vote the facts, a political advantage or both?

In any event, Cassidy, unlike most GOP primary voters, voted with more accurate information at his disposal.

Biden is far from a lock in 2024 but he is much further from a certain loser! And my opinion is based on both political knowledge and facts. I, like Senator Cassidy, live outside a news silo.

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