Before I Sweep

Today’s will be another of the catch up variety articles. Usually I refer to items left on the cutting room floor. Here we go with what didn’t fall that far.

The Test Of Standing

When the Supreme Court made its “ruling” allowing the clearly unconstitutional Texas abortion law to stand I was one of the few who criticized the “ruling” because it completely ignored the issue of standing. Subsequently a physician admitted that he performed an abortion in violation of the law. Two lawsuits have been filed against him, one by a disbarred lawyer and convicted felon currently serving a fifteen year sentence at his home in Arkansas. The plaintiff isn’t even anti-choice nor does he have any history of being so. This is a textbook example of a person who lacks stranding. It will be interesting to see how the courts rule.

I have little doubt that the current Court’s majority will overturn Roe but I’d like to see them have the guts to actually do that and not hide behind “rulings”.

Responsible Action?

Tuesday night the House passed a bill temporarily suspending the debt ceiling thereby allowing the United States to pay its debts. No Republican voted for the measure. Effectively they expressed their desire to welch on the debts they collectively approved. If the Republicans’ move is successful millions will lose their jobs and the economy will lose trillions. You and your family are bound to be adversely affected.

The Republicans don’t care about America or Americans; they just want to make Joe Biden and the Democrats look bad. Are those the actions of responsible people? I don’t think so.

Yellow Submarines?

Australia changed its mind and France is angry. I’m never going to cover this incident completely in a paragraph or two but here are a couple of highlights. Australia was supposed to buy some diesel submarines from France. That was a huge contract. It changed its mind (I’m assuming with more than a nudge from America) and decided to purchase 12 nuclear submarines primarily from America. If the reported news to date is to be believed, somebody forgot to give France a heads-up. To say that is a diplomatic faux pox is an understatement!

French President Emmanuel Macron (and how much of his action was domestic political CYA I don’t know) recalled the French ambassadors to Australia and America. With China doing its saber rattling in the region nuclear subs are a good idea -at least from the American perspective – but blindsiding (if that is in fact what happened) an ally is not! Were Australia and America too afraid to pick up the phone?


If I were to comprehensively cover all that is going on with COVID-19 vaccines I’d need thousands of words and by the time they were published they would probably be old and inaccurate news. Let me briefly cover a few things.

Whether and when most Americans will get a third shot (calling it a booster is not accurate) is still mostly up in the air and confusing. Pfizer has submitted data that seems to indicate that they have found a safe and effective dosage for children 5-11. If that turns out to be the case and it is approved (based on past performance, both of which are highly likely) it is a giant step forward.

Across The Bridge

Despite living the first 47 years of my life almost on the Canadian border – three bridges over the Niagara River were within less than 30 miles of my house, one considerably closer – I know too little about Canadian politics. Monday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won reelection to his seat in a snap election. This should be viewed as good news by American progressives. Trudeau is the leader of the Labour Party which is roughly the Canadian equivalent of the American Democratic Party. In fact, several prominent Democrats “endorsed” Trudeau in the waning days of the campaign.

Reversing Some Of The Damage

In one of its many efforts to gut the federal government the Trump administration moved the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) headquarters out of DC. The Biden administration, in the person of Interior Secretary Den Haaland, moved it back. While I fully support this move there was still a huge experience drain from those who left the agency rather than making the move under Trump.

Republican Management

Idaho is the latest example of the fact that Republicans are a health hazard incapable of competent management and leadership. America could be all but out of the pandemic by now if it weren’t for the incompetence of the Republicans very much led by Donald Trump. Trump’s efforts were a joke! Injecting bleach and inserting light sources. You have to be kidding me! The most successful vaccine to date is Pfizer’s and it was developed independent of Trump’s vaunted Operation Warp Speed (which is why he is still so critical of it).

Now Idaho has entered a new phase in hospital health care because there is no longer any “room at the inn”. Patients will be treated not on a basis of medical need but based on their chances of survival. In other words, many will simply be left to die with their pain eased a bit. This is the pro-life party?

As if that weren’t bad enough several other red states appear to be close behind.

OK, it’s time to let you go and start “sweeping”.

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