Before I Exit The Door

Unlike most bloggers, (I dislike the term, it sounds like someone vomited), I very seldom immediately post what I write. Normally I write it the day before or at least only a few days ahead of publishing. However my wife and I are taking some well-deserved time to travel over the first ten to twelve or so days of September and this will be the last relatively live article of mine you will read until September 14th. In the spirit of “cleaning up” I decided instead of dedicating an article to a single topic I would make a series of short observations and/or comments.

In the last day or so it has been reported that the Russians have hacked official state elections computers in Arizona and Illinois. This is concerning! While Republicans give a lot of lip service to caring about the integrity of our elections their actions have been nothing but self-serving efforts at voter suppression and intimidation. It is worth noting that their presidential nominee Donald Trump has actually invited the Putin regime to hack American computers. Going as far back as the 1960 election Republicans have felt they were being cheated in Illinois. John McCain and Donald Trump are not exactly best friends and McCain will be involved in a fight for his political life in November. All that is interesting!

Sunday there was a fatal automobile accident in Louisiana. The vehicle causing the deaths was a charter bus driven by an undocumented Honduran immigrant who did not have a driver’s license and was hired as a day laborer. I’m surprised the outcry from the right hasn’t been louder about another immigrant coming in America illegally, taking an American job and killing innocent Americans. Here are the issues I’d like looked at. Who hired him without even so much of a “background check” as to get a photocopy of his driver’s license? I held several jobs where I drove my own vehicle but my employer still demanded not only a copy of a current valid driver’s license but that I raise my insurance coverage and submit proof that I did as a condition of employment. This certainly looks like an off the books employment situation. That means that the owner of the charter bus company broke several employment laws and enabled an undocumented person to avoid paying taxes. Who bears the greater guilt; a man trying to escape danger and feed himself or a greedy employer looking to make money while avoiding physical labor and taxes?

It is rumored that former Texas Governor Rick Perry will be one of the stars on next season’s Dancing with the Stars. My regular readers know what low regard I hold that show in. I can’t stop thinking that Perry has finally reached the pinnacle of his career. Yes, like most “stars” on the show most Americans have never heard of him.

Donald Trump – who has taken more than one page from Richard Nixon’s political play book – appears to be at least somewhat stealing another. In recent days he has made major campaign appearances in Mississippi and Texas. Last night he made one in Washington (state). None of those states appear to be in play. Trump looks solid in Texas and Mississippi and has no chance in Washington. With only about 70 days left to Election Day why is he wasting his time in places like those? Remember Nixon’s 1960 pledge to campaign in all 50 states? Well, he did and many contend the wasted time cost him the election.

Well that’s enough food for thought for my readers today. I’m looking forward to a few days away from writing. I’m certain I will have plenty of material to write about when I get back!

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