Donald Trump is in serious financial straits. That is simple fact although he and his minions may deny it. He is having difficulty raising the money to post the bonds necessary for him to proceed with appeals of civil judgments against him for among other things defamation of character, bank, tax and insurance fraud. These are no longer accusations; they are adjudications. If these were criminal proceedings it would be the difference between charges and findings of guilt. The implication of this situation coupled with what information he may well have in his possession is cause for national security concern.

Trump came up with a $91 million bond so that he can appeal the E. Jean Carroll decision. The details are not, at this point, public but there is a chance Trump was able to secure that bond with cash or near cash assets. As of this writing a $464 million bond is due next Monday in the New York State Attorney General’s suit and Trump claims he cannot secure a bond in that amount.

Backtracking just a bit, recently Trump claimed to have over $400 million in cash available. One thing we know about Trump is that he lies especially when it comes to his wealth. Therefore, we can safely assume that he had somewhat (and just how much is a question) less than $400 million in cash available at the time of that deposition.
Bond companies – 30 of which Trump claims have denied him the $464 million bond – are in the business of advancing money, not losing it. The word is that the companies aren’t too interested in real estate but want much more liquid assets pledged. In large part because they are almost certain to have to pay out on the bonds. Trump has little chance of winning his appeals.

Compounding that is the fact that Trump has already been found guilty of committing bank fraud largely because he overstated the value of his real estate. But wait, there is more. If Trump were to sell any real estate holdings, they would certainly go at not only less than the Trump valuation, but below market because the buyer(s) would know it was a fire sale situation. Plus, even the best real estate transactions take time and in that interim the bond company is on the hook for the money.

Legally there is nothing to prevent a third party, foreign or domestic, to advance Trump the money in one form or another. Trump is obviously shopping domestically. He recently flip flopped his stances on both Bud Light and Tiktok in close proximity to donations from those firms or “friends” of theirs.

We know Trump has accepted political help from at least one foreign government (Russia) in the recent past. We know he has put the squeeze on another (Ukraine) in the pursuit of political help. We know he is very friendly with several others including cash rich Saudi Arabia. Would calling in of a favor from MBS be all that surprising?

Monday Trump’s people announced that he can’t come up with the $464 million. On the same day reports broke that Trump is seriously considering bringing back convicted felon Paul Manafort to help with the 2024 campaign, principally the convention. Manafort spent decades in Europe working for shady pro-Putin characters.

We have reason to believe that Trump has national security documents/secrets at his Bedminster facility. How threatened does he have to feel before he attempts to turn them into cash? (Is he in the process thereof already? If not, how much longer before that commences?) That is my concern and it hardly gets a whisper.

Bedminster is the one word nobody seems to utter but the exposure there terrifies me!

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  1. Gee, how come Jared hasn’t offered to help? Didn’t he just get a couple of billion from the Saudis? This whole situation reeks of treason!

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