Be Careful What You Ask For Right Wing

Our Supreme Court is increasingly a disgrace with each passing day. The Court is actually considering Donald Trump’s claim of absolute immunity instead of having either refusing to take the case (grant cert) or rejecting it out of hand with a reprimand to the plaintiff and his counsel. Let me engage in a little projection over the next few paragraphs.

First, I want to predict what I think a likely outcome is. I expect the Court to make the announcement of its decision in this case one of, if not the, last of the session. We are talking either very late June or very early July. That is part one of placating Trump; but wait the delay game is not over. I expect the decision to include sending the matter back down to the lower court for some sort(s) of clarification. The net result is exactly what Trump wants, the trial will not take place until after the election and should Trump be returned to the Oval Office – note: I did not say win the election – his Justice Department will kill it.

Now, let’s look at what absolute immunity entails. If you were to subscribe to it the President would never have to leave office. Term limits and elections, like any other laws, would not apply. We would have a king not a president.

In the strictest sense some descendant of George Washington would be our leader (I’m not sure what exactly term to use). However, the case could be made that all previous presidents, in obeying the Constitution, actually abdicated. Therefore, should the Court rule in favor of absolute immunity – and based on history I can’t put anything past the current Court – while Joe Biden was still in office, he would be under no obligation to leave the White House regardless of any electoral outcome. In fact, presidential elections would become meaningless. That would mean that Biden could serve until death or abdication and be replaced by his eldest son, Hunter. How would the MAGA crowd like that outcome? Heck, I will again vote for Joe Biden but I doubt I would ever vote for his son.

Let’s take that one (and only one) step down the road. Since the leader has absolute immunity there would be no need for Congress. At the least the leader could simply fire and hire anyone he chose to fill those seats. That would mean all elections would effectively be nullified.

The idea of absolute immunity – regardless of who benefits from it – is un-American, antithetical to democracy and stands in direct conflict to the well known intention of the founders.

While the Court is often called on to make tough calls this one is not one of them! It is like the batter/runner being thrown out at first by several steps; an easy call for the first base umpire. The fact that they are delaying is a flashing red warning light to me and should be to you also.

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