Bad Calls

OK, I have no idea of how to work this into an article where I will largely be negative so: Happy Mothers’ Day. Now here we go.
It seems with each passing day the courts, and not just the Supreme Court, on net, become more disappointing. That was certainly the case last week and was the biggest domestic American political story.

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon indefinitely delayed the Trump documents case. If you follow her “reasoning” the delay is largely because she is incapable of handling the “peripheral issues”. In other words, the delay is largely because of her incompetence; on the surface anyway. I have a lot of company in thinking that the delay is because she is in the tank for Trump. Trump desperately does not want this trial in particular to happen prior to the election. In fact, he hopes he returns to the Oval Office in which case his new Justice Department will simply drop it. For Trump – problem solved.

Looking ahead, will Trump reward the loyalty of Cannon with a Supreme Court seat? Possibly on an expanded Court to dilute the influence of anyone who is not completely loyal to him? If he wins and the Senate flips that is more of a probability than a possibility.

In Georgia Trump allies are far from giving up. An appeals court has agreed to hear Trump’s appeal and try to throw Fulton County DA Fani Willis off the trial which would kill the case in Georgia.

Remember that is a state, not federal case and a President Trump (perish the thought!!!!!!) could not have a loyal Attorney General kill it. In any event with the appeal being heard it is almost impossible for that case to go to trial prior to Election Day. Another, if only temporary, win for Trump. Trump has never been a long-term planner.

The Supreme Court is yet to announce a decision in the Trump total immunity case. Any day of delay is a win for Trump. Should the Court decide in Trump’s favor – and I don’t completely rule anything out with respect to this Court – that would wipe out all but the 34 counts in the so-called hush money case. The acts in that case are all prior to his taking office or directly related to acts he took while in office in furtherance of those acts/motivations.

I’m a sports fan and make no apologies for that. This reminds me of the 1972 USSR-USA Olympic basketball game where the officials just kept the game going until the Russians pulled ahead. Not a perfect analogy but it sums up my frustration with the “refs”.

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