Bad Boys And Girls

So many outrages, so little time. Please allow me to cover a few without monopolizing your entire day.

Huck’s Kid

Arkansas Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders appears to be the driving force behind Arkansas’ latest law: the Youth Hiring Act of 2023. In fairness the bill is a pro-child labor law. Among its provisions are that children under 16 will no longer need the written consent of a parent or guardian to work nor will they need the permission of the Arkansas Department of Labor.

I guess by Huckabee “logic” at least they will no longer be subjected to banned books like The Diary of Anne Frank or Of Mice and Men or made uncomfortable by those woke teachings in schools like that slavery existed in America.

I Hope She Didn’t Get The Memo

Either Nikki Haley didn’t get the memo or she is really way less intelligent that I give her credit for. She actually called for raising the retirement age. She is in the 2024 GOP presidential race and she is not the favorite by a long shot (even in the current two person race). The Republican primary electorate is older so they especially care about the retirement age. Should by some odd chance she somehow make it to the general raising the retirement age, let just say, doesn’t poll well.

Prediction # 1

I expect Donald Trump to name a Veep pick at some point well before the convention as a publicity/fund raising stunt. I also expect that pick to be a female. The majority would think that Marjorie Taylor Green is a shoe in. I’d also include both Huckabee-Sanders and Haley on the short list.

Prediction # 2

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis will declare his candidacy after Trump is indicted which is looking more imminent every passing week. This way he can pass himself off as the alternative to Trump while attempting to minimize the alienation of the Trump voters who he needs a percentage of in the primary and all of in the general if he were to make it that far.

Sudden Concern

Trump ticket vice presidential wannabe, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is voicing concern over the prison conditions some January 6th alleged domestic terrorist have to deal with. Most if not all of those detainees have been caught on film involved in less than peaceful deeds. I’ve heard no similar questions from her office about the conditions at Gitmo where many of the detainees, none of which were caught on tape, have already been proven to be innocent of any terrorist activities.

Getting a bit closer to home, a case can be made for prison reform. However, I heard no outcries from Greene’s office for investigations into the conditions at Rikers where most of the inmates are simply awaiting trail in what many complain is a very flawed cash bail system. If you want to stick to the South she doesn’t seem to be phased at the conditions at Louisiana’s infamous Angola. The dots aren’t too difficult to connect, are they?

The Same Old Jim

Jim Jordan is leading the Weaponization of Government Committee hearings (not its real name, just my poetic license truth telling) and to date they have been a predictable disaster. It appears he has the arithmetic skills of Paul Ryan (a Midwestern Republican disease?). His dozens of whistleblowers -which would mathematically have to be at least 24 – to date has consisted of three people none of whom meet the legal definition of a whistleblower. Therefore, despite all of Jordan’s loud arrogance I’m led to believe in his mind that 24=3 or perhaps zero. He appears be displaying the same integrity he did as a college coach.

That’s enough for today. After writing of Jordan, I just need a break. Some Republicans are just too despicable.

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