Ask Them To Choose On Choice

Monday Donald Trump sort of declared his abortion policy (more, but not enough, on that below). Every time I see numbers more and more Americans support a woman’s right to choose or at least reject draconian abortion laws. Some time ago I advised 2024 Democratic candidates to run on choice. Today I feel even stronger about that. Today’s is a short article but it doesn’t lack substance,

On Monday Trump posted a lie filled and wimpy video statement supposedly outlining his abortion position. The method choice conveniently avoided the questions that would have accompanied a press event. Hence my choice of the word “wimpy”.

We are left to draw a conclusion as to whether Trump was knowingly lying when uttering certain statements which he portrayed as fact or is even less intelligent than people like me think.

To the Biden campaign my advice is largely to run Trump’s choice statements as your ads. Why be creative when winning messages are gifted to you? For down ballot Democrats, tie your opponent to Trump and his policies, few if any of them, will distance themselves from him.

I – and I think most Americans – expect their president to display courage, integrity and wisdom; Trump glaringly lacks all three. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think that is too much to ask.

Ask voters to choose on choice; it’s a winning strategy.

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