April 4

Recently a personal matter (more about that below) was tentatively scheduled for April 4th. Immediately that date struck a chord in the back of my mind as having historical significance thanks to U2’s 1984 hit song, Pride (In the Name of Love).

Today is the 55th anniversary of the assassination of civil rights icon, Martin Luther King, Jr. Much has been written about that and will be in other places for today. I’ll leave the details to others. To me it is sufficient that we remember the day and the contributions King made to making America 2023 better than America 1968.

If all goes according to the assumptions as of this writing, Donald Trump will be arraigned on felony charges today, April 4, 2023; the first sitting or former American president to do so.

For some time, I’ve had April 4, 2023 on my writing come up calendar because Wisconsin is holding an election for the swing seat on its state supreme court today. If elected the Republican candidate has promised to uphold Wisconsin’s contested 1849 abortion law. On July 16, 2022 the Washington Post described the real world impact of the law as follows: “In Wisconsin, a woman bled for more than 10 days from an incomplete miscarriage after emergency room staff would not remove the fetal tissue…” With Roe overturned, this law makes performing an abortion, (which is medically the proper treatment for an “incomplete” miscarriage), a felony in the state of Wisconsin even in the cases of rape and incest. I don’t know about you but I can’t reconcile that with family values and pro-life!

I read a lot and often buy non-fiction books on the day they come out. I plan on doing so today (it’s already per-ordered). The last time I did so was on March 21st when Jeff Sharlet’s, The Undertow, was released and it soon ended up on the recommended reading list. I hope I’m as fortunate this time.

Now to the personal matter. The tentative schedule ended up being reality. My wife is scheduled to undergo serious, but thankfully not life threatening (at this point anyway), surgery today. Typical liberal, I believe in family leave – although I tend not to take any myself. (Even when I travel or take some time off, I pre-publish). This time will be an exception. I need to be available to deal with whatever comes up. I will not post for an underdetermined amount of time. It will certainly include the rest of this week and I will make no commitments other than to say I will be back at some point, perhaps as soon as Sunday.

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