Another Thursday Outrage Recap

Thursday seems like my personal weekly Groundhog Day (the movie not the furry creature in Pennsylvania). This is another week where I’m using Thursday’s posting to recap just some of the recent outrages brought to us by our President and his enablers. Let’s explore.

President Trump is on the stump supposedly to help Republican candidates but I think it has to do more with satisfying his ego and protecting himself from conviction in the Senate after a probable impeachment in the House next year. On his tour he is telling a lot of lies. Hey, that’s what he does. The most interesting one is about the middle class tax cut that he will institute before the November 6th election. (Despite what you read from some Republican candidates Election Day is November 6th. It’s that pesky Constitution thing.) It takes an act of Congress to change the tax rates and the House is not in session until after the Election. House Republicans are too busy campaigning to try to save their political skins. It would take an event the magnitude of Pearl Harbor to get them back in session before the election. Here is the scary part: much of his base actually believes Trump.

On Monday, in a ruling which you have to get into the weeds a bit to fully understand the ramifications of, the Supreme Court ruled that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross would not have to answer lawyers’ questions in a lawsuit over the inclusion of a citizenship question in the upcoming 2020 census. Veteran Court observers feel that the unsigned ruling was a way to avoid a 5-4 decision on a politically charged issue almost immediately in the wake of Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment. In fact, Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch joined in an opinion that would have shielded government official further down the line from answering questions in the matter.

At this point the case, which is scheduled to commence on November 5th, is allowed to go on. After they tied the plaintiff’s hands behind their back and blinded the judge and jury the Court will let the trial proceed. How “kind” of them. I guess according to the “conservative” majority not only the President but all his men are above the law.

The main purpose of the census (which is constitutionally mandated in the original text of our foundational document) is to get an accurate count of the people living in the country. That is regardless of citizenship or ability to vote. Remember blacks and women were granted the right to vote via amendments which the census pre-dates. Somehow the Trump gang has figured they are better off if undocumented immigrants and their families are afraid to respond to the census, or they want to (illegally) use the data for deportations which will play well with Bubba.

CIA Director Gina Haspel has been dispatched to Turkey to investigate the Khashoggi affair. Am I the only one who finds it interesting that in a case reportedly involving torture we sent one of our torture cover-up experts?

Staying in the region Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has ended up in Saudi Arabia after all. The trip included a meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. What a surprise; not really. Trump and Kushner cannot afford to offend the House of Saud.

On the diplomatic front National Security Advisor John Bolton was dispatched to Moscow to destroy another pesky (from Trump and Putin’s standpoints) treaty. While there he delivered a “strong message” to the Russians on interference in our elections. He basically told them that what they are doing isn’t effective. In other words his message was a green light from Trump to continue their attack on our democracy as long as Trump was one of the beneficiaries.

Keep the faith; it will get worse before it gets better. Looks like the Groundhog Day cycle is far from over. I’ll leave you with a really scary thought: we haven’t hit the Lame Duck session yet.

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  1. I am breathlessly awaiting the day when Mueller lays his cards on the table. If there is overwhelming and (forgive the pun) unimpeachable evidence of criminal activity on Trump’s part, the question will then be: Does Mueller attempt to indict him? And if he does, his attempt will surely be challenged by the President and it will work its way through the courts until it gets to the Supreme Court. This is why it was so critical to get Kavanaugh confirmed. Nevertheless, I remain cautiously optimistic that, ultimately, even the Republicans in the Congress will have no choice but to impeach and convict Trump. But Trump could drag this whole process out long enough to get him to 2024…unless he is defeated for re-election in 2020. To paraphrase Betty Davis in the movie “All About Eve”: “fasten your seatbelts…it’s gonna be a bumpy (ride).”

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