Another Thursday Clean Up

It’s not a rule but it seems a lot of my Thursday articles are of the clean up variety. This will certainly be one of them.

The Polish Planes

As of this writing the fate of the Polish jets supposedly destined to Ukraine via a US base in Germany is still unknown. The Americans claimed they knew nothing of the plan. At first, I was skeptical (of both sides) but after adding things up a bit I am inclined to believe the American explanation that it was caught unaware of this specific proposed solution.

To me it is just a bit too convenient that Poland announced the “deal” on the eve of Vice President Harris’ arrival. What appears more logical is that the Polish government (bad blood and distrust between the Polish and Russian peoples goes way back) wanted to take advantage of Harris’ presence making it more difficult for the United States to not accept the deal. Poland is afraid to directly transfer the aircraft for fear of Russian retaliation. If the United States is viewed as the bad guy they are off the hook. Or so they hope.

Is Harris snake bitten? She can’t seem to catch a break in her new job.

Republican Voter Fraud

The evidence is mounting that Donald Trump’s last Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, along with his wife, committed voter fraud in the 2020 election by voting in a state they did not reside in (North Carolina) and using an address they never occupied. Of course, Meadows is one of the biggest “Stop the steal” guys and Big Lie proponents which is all based on supposed massive voter fraud favoring Joe Biden.

The Cost Of Policing

The Washington Post has uncovered over 7,600 cases in which municipalities paid out over $1.5 billion to settle civil suits alleging a second (or more) offense of a police officer against a citizen. That money is taxpayer money that could defiantly be put to better use. Why are these officers still on the force?

States’ Rights?

Missouri Republicans are proposing a law (modeled after the Texas abortion law) that would allow anyone to sue a Missourian who aided a pregnant Missouri woman in obtaining a legal abortion outside the state. Does this mean that the Missouri Republicans feel they rule the world?

This Will Solve The “Problem”

Florida is about to enact the so-called don’t say gay bill. It will make it illegal to acknowledge or discuss the existence of homosexuality in Florida schools. Do the proponents really think this will make it go away? That is as asinine as prohibiting sexual education is schools in the belief that doing so will stop premarital sex.

Finally, An Indictment

Mesa County (CO) Clerk Tina Peters was indicted on charges of tampering with election machines. The Republican is a Big Lie proponent who allegedly allowed other Big Lie operatives illegal access to her county’s voting machine rendering them unsecure and unusable in future elections. Again, the taxpayers are picking up the tab.

What is Peters up to now? She is running for Colorado Secretary of State. In Colorado, as in most states, the state secretary of state is the top election official in the state.

I Know Enough To Know I Don’t Need To Go Further

I have done just a bit of investigation into the cryptocurrency phenomenon. I wouldn’t want to lecture on it but to put it in President Biden’s language I know it is malarkey. In brief, it is a cross between a Ponzi scheme and a way to launder money. Especially in view of the Ukraine related Russian sanctions, I am glad to see that the federal government is finally getting around to investigating it.

A Sad Note

I don’t often say a lot of nice things about people who label themselves as conservatives mainly because these days most of those people really aren’t conservatives; they just appropriated the label to give themselves a veneer of respectability. Recently we lost P. J. O’Rourke. I’m going to miss him. P.J. was a true conservative, (he described himself as a libertarian). I often disagreed with his philosophical conclusion but he stayed within the facts in his satire and he was funny. I may have often disagreed with him but I always respected and appreciated him.

That This Is A Headline

Monday a New York Times alert read: “Breaking News: The Senate unanimously approved a bill to make lynching a federal hate crime, ending over a century of failed efforts to pass such a measure.” If I have to make any further comment you are wasting your time and mine here!

That’s enough for today but again totally inadequate.

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