Another Reason To Celebrate

This may not be most people’s biggest American political story of last week, but it is mine. Last week we saw that in 2024 America capitalism and collective labor action works much better and faster than our courts do. Doubt me? Read on as I explain.

Late in the prior week NBC Universal hired former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel as a contributor. Almost immediately their cable arm, MSNBC, was in “revolt”. One of NBC’s most prominent on air voices loudly proclaimed his dismay and another host challenged McDaniel on an NBC broadcast.

By Monday, when most of MSNBC’s prime time shows were aired each host devoted a significant segment of their show to criticizing the hiring. Early in the day Tuesday NBC announced that they had rescinded the hiring. Two prominent MSNBC hosts have Monday nights off and on Tuesday they joined with their peers even though McDaniel had already been terminated.

The political right wing in America spouted that this was another case of cancel culture with the left silencing the right. As usual they were dead wrong! As I wrote a few days ago, no one on the left has a problem with conservative people on the air. Remember I have long maintained that conservative and crazy are not synonyms. It is liars where we draw the line. A legitimate (in part) media company like NBC Universal should not make its platform available to liars.

Even in the Sunday interview mentioned above McDaniel would not declare that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. She danced a bit, still clinging to right wing mythology. For those still clinging to the Equal Time Rule – which Ronald Reagan did away with enabling the emergence of right wing broadcasting – false equivalency does not bring out the truth. There is no sense in listening the “both sides” when one is perhaps spinning to a bit and the other is outright trafficking in falsehoods.

Remember McDaniel was literally in the room for some of the post-election hijinks. She is a material witness, possibly committed crimes, could become an unindicted co-conspirator or possible an indicted felon. I am among those who doesn’t believe we have seen the last of the criminal charges particularly at the state level.

NBC Universal made a bad business decision when it hired McDaniel (expect heads to fly in the future) and it made the proper decision to admit its mistake and limit the damage when it terminated her. (We know her contract was for six figures – paid political contributors normally make in the area of $300,000 per year – and she was hired for one year. I expect a lawsuit and she may well receive a six figure settlement.) NBC Universal stood to lose more if they had retained her and who knows where the collective action of its top on air personalities would have ended.

Now I’ll briefly turn to the courts, mainly the Supreme Court. The controlling justices are little more than political stooges shilling for the Republican party and Donald Trump. Where they can’t rule for them/him, they delay action long enough to give the right wing what is effectively a temporary victory. In the case of gerrymandering the wrongly elected official continues to serve the remainder of their term and their legislative votes, along with their impact, count. The two main examples are the Trump trails and a gerrymandering case.

Last week South Carolina declared that the 2024 elections would go forward under maps that have been declared racially gerrymandered in lower courts but are awaiting a decision from the Supreme Court. That ruling will almost certainly result in a seat in the next House going Republican instead of Democratic. I expect the Democrats to take back the House but the margin won’t be huge and every seat will count. In instances of gerrymandering the wrongly elected official continues to serve the remainder of their term and their legislative votes, along with their impact, count.

Trump’s federal trials are effectively on hold while the Court dithers with his inane claim of absolute immunity. If Trump, and the Court is making it look more likely every day, avoids trial before the election he effectively wins this round.

So, for those of you celebrating Easter today there is another reason to celebrate. While the courts may be failing us, other parts of our system are working; at least in one instance. You can to a degree neutralize the Supreme Court. Vote!!!!!!

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