Another Mass Shooting And Another Bad Week For Trump

It is late Friday morning as I pen this article. The news is currently dominated by the breaking story of another mass shooting at a school. As with all breaking news it is best to wait a bit before commenting on the details. However I want you to juxtapose two interesting statistics. In 2017 Americans had almost 90 million dogs in their homes and over 300 million firearms. My main thrust today is to illustrate that it has again been a very bad week for Trump and his criminal family (more commonly known as administration). They have been caught in several lies a few of which I’d like to explore in the paragraphs below.  

BuzzFeed published a story outlining Trump’s involvement in a major Moscow real estate deal that lasted well into the campaign. On multiple occasions during the campaign Trump claimed he had no business dealings with Russians or in Russia. It was previously reported that on the day of the third Republican debate he signed a letter of intent on a Trump Tower Moscow deal. BuzzFeed’s reporting documents dealings well subsequent to that date.

The Senate Intelligence Committee released the transcripts of Donald Trump, Jr.’s testimony before them. Trump, Jr. immediately claimed they would back up the Team Trump line that they were all completely cooperating with all investigations. Many of Trump Jr.’s answers were, “I don’t know,” or some variation thereof. Either he is incredibly stupid, (I am certainly not accusing him of being very bright), or his answers are effectively lies. In either event that is far from full cooperation. Of course there is a third option. Perhaps Donald Jr. like so many others in the Trump Crime Family has a new disease I am calling Trumpnesia. It is a form of selective and convenient amnesia that afflicts Trump’s underlings when confronted with the truth and/or difficult questions. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has displayed it several times when testifying before Congressional Committees.

The claim that presidential assistant and son-in-law Jared Kushner is involved in a pay-to-play scheme got stronger last week. A while back the US took some strange moves against Qatar, especially when you consider that our largest military base in the Middle East is in the tiny, but very wealthy, nation. They took place just after Jared’s father’s attempt to secure a nine figure investment in the family’s failing 666 Fifth Avenue venture failed to bear fruit. After another Kushner, Sr. presentation the United States reversed course on the blockade of Qatar and almost simultaneously Qatar’s Sovern Wealth Fund decided that 666 Fifth Avenue wasn’t such a bad investment after all. You connect those dots; I bet Robert Mueller has.

Not to be outdone in the quid pro quo game President Trump reversed course on sanctions against Chinese telecom giant ZTE. This came just days after the Chinese financed a Trump real estate venture to the tune of over a half-billion dollars.

Unlike most organized criminal enterprises the Trump administration doesn’t even try to hide their extortion racket. They know this gig can’t last forever and they are out to personally profit as much as they can as fast as they can.

Earlier this week Trump listed his Stormy Daniels payout in the final footnote to a federal financial disclosure form. That disclosure contradicts several previous statements and a previous federal financial disclosure form filing. Trump will never disclose his tax filings like every President since and including Richard Nixon has. This is somewhat of a takeoff on Chuck Schumer’s description of Trump and company that they only do the right thing after they are caught doing the wrong thing. In this case they sometimes tell the truth after they are caught lying; the operative word is “sometimes”.

The Senate Intelligence Committee also verified that the Russians preferred Trump in the 2016 election and attempted to aid him. Thank you Captain Obvious.

On the Cabinet (or Council of Capos) front, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was caught in another lie this week. Pruitt has claimed that his elaborate and incredibly expensive security detail was necessitated by the death threats he received after taking office. Records released last week showed that the security force was ordered by Pruitt on his first day in office.

One thing I do think Trump proved this week is that he really doesn’t have a conflict of interest problem since his only interest is his self-interest. He certainly doesn’t appear to care about America or its citizens.

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