Another Installment Of The Administration We Can’t Ignore

Today’s article is another destined to be inadequate attempt to catch up on the recent sins of the Trump administration. I would really like to just ignore this organized criminal enterprise until it goes away. That is also what they, along with Vladimir Putin, would like me to do so that they could perpetrate their evil deeds in relative obscurity until it proved to be too late. Let’s explore.  

Saturday’s Washington Post told us of Trump’s latest act in his attempt to steal Independence Day and make it into a campaign rally. Trump is proposing to set aside a huge area in front of the Lincoln Memorial for VIP seating with admission by ticket and the White House will control the distribution of tickets. Like anything else the Trump administration does details are unclear and we are nearing the eleventh hour. There appears to be a very good chance that the VIP seats will obstruct the view of the “ordinary folks” for which the celebration has been intended for years. The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday and now Trump is about to ruin it.

The latest word on the street is that Trump will select Mark Morgan to run Customs and Border Patrol (CBP). If you believe Morgan he has a special talent; he can look a young migrant child in the eye and tell you whether or not he will become an MS-13 member. This administration doesn’t believe in science or domestic intelligence agencies but it believes in supernatural gifts.

As Michael Flynn entered the courtroom for his last appearance he was greeted by a dead rat in his pathway. Maybe Mario Puzo’s dead horse’s head in the bed wasn’t all that good after all.

When Trump asks you to think about how his economy is working so well for you here is a juxtaposition of facts to consider. The retail sector is bleeding jobs and stores. Trump brags (incorrectly) about how under him coal is making a comeback. The number of jobs in retail stores alone outnumbers total coal industry jobs by a margin of 20 to 1.

Despite how much Trump talks tough on immigration to protect American jobs his actions tell a much different tale. According to the New York Times only 11 employers were prosecuted between April 2018 and March 2019 for employing undocumented workers; only 3 of them did time. By the way, the Trump organization was not included in the 11 let alone the three. Trump, like his major financiers, wants a supply of exploitable, low cost workers as long as they are never allowed to vote.

Last week former President Jimmy Carter questioned the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election as more evidence comes to light I’m inclined to agree with him. There is reason to doubt the legitimacy of the elections in both North Carolina and Florida. Both states were awarded to Trump and the official electoral vote total as cast was 304 to 227. If you flip the 42 electoral votes from just those two states Hillary Clinton is a lone vote short of the magic 270.

I live very near Durham County, North Carolina which is a populous Democratic stronghold and vividly remember the “unexplained technical glitches” that plagued the county in the early hours on Election Day 2016. We know there were “issues” in Florida. I’ll let my readers connect the dots from there.

While President Carter and I are taking foreign interference in our elections seriously it doesn’t appear Trump is. He was caught on camera joking about it with Vladimir Putin late last week. While I may agree that Obama’s message to Putin to “Cut it out” may have been inadequate; Trump’s actions are unpatriotic at best.

I’ll be brief on this next point. Last week the Supreme Court ruled that the citizenship question cannot be included on the 2020 census based on the Trump administration’s current argument for its inclusion. The Court was politely saying that the Trump administration lied, which they blatantly did. Then Trump tweeted that he was consulting lawyers to determine if the census could be delayed indefinitely if necessary. There is much more here which I don’t have the time and space to get into but the bottom line is that the Trump administration and the GOP in general will do anything it can to suppress the votes of non-whites.

Last week a redacted transcript of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s earlier testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee revealed that Senior Advisor and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner blindsided his efforts with his discussions with world leaders that he never informed Tillerson of. Trump claims the Executive Branch is, and under his leadership has always been, a well-oiled machine. I find it difficult to reconcile those two positions. How about you?

The Washington Post reported that VA employee Minu Aghevli claims she was ordered to cook the books to make it look like wait times were much better than in reality. She says she refused to carry out the order. Interestingly one day before she was scheduled to testify before a congressional committee she was pink slipped after over 20 years of award winning service in the agency. Trump likes to portray himself as a staunch defended of veterans. Remember this is the same man who claims to be an “Extremely stable genius”. I contend he is full of malarkey on both counts.

As if Donald Trump running the show by tweet wasn’t bad enough it got worse last week when Sarah Huckabee-Sanders replacement was announce by a Melania Trump tweet. That’s correct; our First Lady, whose early employment in the United States appears to have been in violation of immigrations laws, announced the appointment of Stephanie Grisham as White House Press Secretary and Communications Director. Well we can all hope that sycophant Stephanie will be best.

As much as we may want to we cannot ignore the Trump administration and it looks like it will fall upon we the people to rid America and the world of this scourge.

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