Another Curse of Reagan

Like so much that is wrong with present day America Grover Norquist got his start under Ronald Reagan. In his February 2012 speech to CPAC he outlined what he thought the qualifications to be the Republican presidential nominee should be. It’s scary but the Republicans may have finally achieved their goal. Let’s explore.

Grover is the anti-tax guy who famously declared he wanted to shrink government to the size that it could be drowned in a bathtub. He got his start from “The Gipper” working on special assignments like Oliver North and today both are still heroes of the extreme right wing in America.

In his February 2012 speech to CPAC he said, “We just need a President to sign this stuff… Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become President of the United States.” At the time he was refereeing to Mitt Romney who he didn’t particularly like but thought could win and would be obedient to Grover and the real Republican powerbrokers. Well Romney lost but in Donald Trump – who Norquist softly supported – the old Reagan guys may have finally found their man.

Trump really doesn’t stand for anything and his only goal as President seems to be to enrich himself in the process. As long as “the boys” in Congress and the agencies let him get his beak wet he will go along with anything they want.

Donors just want tax breaks at the top along with government regulations that are repealed, defeated or unenforced so that they can satisfy their greed. That dovetails well with Trump’s only interest – Donald Trump’s wealth.

There is a sudden renewed fascination with books of the 1930’s about the rise of fascism in Europe. That is because it appears the Tea Party movement –which was always an astroturf movement fueled by a few greedy, rich men who are fascists at heart – has succeeded in getting enough less well-educated, angry white men to do just enough to get one someone elected to the presidency who will (probably unwittingly) facilitate their takeover. The irony is that those same angry white men will be among the greatest victims of the takeover if it comes to that. The greedy on top will not only crush the people of color they will then crush the less well-educated whites who them deem just as worthless and despise just as much. The contemporary American fascist movement didn’t start with Trump or the Tea Party but they may have set up the final chapter.

Don’t fall for the conservative moniker! Today’s extremists in the Republican Party use conservatism the way ISIS uses Islam. I find both hypocrisies repulsive!   Although I am neither I respect the conservative political philosophy as well as the Muslim religion.

For decades the Republicans have sought someone stupid and corruptible enough to just sign everything they can pass. They may well have found both in the same person: Donald Trump.

In Trump the Reagan Republicans have found the man to complete their work of destroying the American government for all but those at the top. His name is Donald Trump and considering the size of the federal government he will work cheap.

Note: Due to a change in my personal schedule all of this week’s articles have been written well ahead of publishing.

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  1. I disagree mildly with you Larry. I think George W. Bush was exactly the kind of person Grover Norquist was looking for. Unfortunately, the dumbing down continued, and now we are several levels lower even that W. Otherwise I agree with your analysis of where we are…and where we are going.

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