Another Attempt At Hitting Cleanup

As we bring August to a close there are a lot of question marks on the horizon. I figured today was a good opportunity to do another of my clean up articles.

Masking Authority

As of this writing Florida school districts are free to mandate masks despite an order by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis to the contrary. Who know what appeals will bring? Why can’t a Republican governor, who claims to be a conservative, just take conservative action and try to save lives?

I Have A Difficult Time Feeling Sorry

Staying in the Sunshine State for a bit, a Florida woman recently returned home from the hospital where she battled COVID-19 only to find her husband dead from the virus. Both were unvaccinated by choice. I’m having a difficult time feeling sorry for her. It’s kind of like feeling sorry for a habitual drunk who dies from hitting a tree on the way home from another bender.

Duty And Courage

The law enforcement officer who shot domestic terrorist Ashli Babbitt to death as she tried to crawl through a broken window in a Capital Building door on January 6th decided to go public last week. He had been cleared of any charges after appropriate investigations.
He will undoubtedly be a right wing target. All he did was perform the job he swore an oath to do in defending the country against a domestic threat. Let’s be clear Ashli Babbitt was the criminal who died in the commission of a criminal act. The Capital Police Lieutenant is a brave man for defending democracy, saving innocent lives and coming forward.

Consequences And Common Sense

The Supreme Court in an unsigned so-called shadow docket decision ended the eviction moratorium by a 6-3 margin. If I have to tell you where the votes fell you haven’t been paying attention. The effect of the ruling will be to put hundreds of thousands if not millions of Americans out on the street or crowded into living with relatives in places too small to accommodate that many people.

“Conservative” justices in case you are stuck in the disinformation world of the Donald Dome I’d just like to inform you that there is still a pandemic going on in America. I see both sides of the argument. The landlords need to get paid. The reality is that 89% of the already approved government funding hasn’t been spent. The solution is to get that money to the landlords; not endanger lives. That, as they say, is common sense. Try using that over ideology in the future.

It’s Coming

A long time ago I predicted there would be multiple disbarments before the Trump saga was over. A huge step in that direction happened recently when a Michigan federal judge asked for sanctions by the bar associations (and other appropriate entities) against the lawyers who brought suit challenging the results of the 2020 election based on non-facts.

These were not the sharpest legal minds in America and I don’t see Trump coming to their defense. Hint: he never will.

Pay The Piper

Delta Airlines announced that its employees who choose not to get vaccinated will soon be paying $200 a month more toward their health insurance coverage. I applaud Delta! Expect more of this. In life stupidity has a cost.

Bennie Is Serious

Representative Bennie Thompson of Mississippi is the Chair of the House Select Committee investigating 1/6 and he is playing hardball. Thompson recently announced that the Committee was seeking information surrounding the insurrection from various sources including former President Trump. I expect this to play out over months if not years because Trump will fight it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. (How they will rule is questionable, the principle is not.)

Trump was and still is corrupt. His administration was little more than an organized criminal enterprise and he did not want the scam to end. Remember this is the first president since Nixon not to release his taxes. Trump has a lot to hide and he is not going to give up easily, especially since he is paying his legal costs (when he actually pays the bills) with OP money.

Not The First Violator

1/6 suspect Doug Jensen was ordered to stay off the Internet prior to trial. Then he was caught watching an election conspiracy event online. Jensen is but one of several 1/6 terrorists (in his case still alleged at this point) who have broken with court imposed conditions of release or bail. How many poor black kids are sitting in jail pending trial on minor drug charges while these idiots flaunt the law?

OK, again that is enough for today. The future is cloudy in both American politics and baseball. As I pen this my Tampa Bay Rays are certain to end the month in first place in the American League East and are currently sitting in the number one playoff slot. I only wish things looked that good for America.

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