Angry White Women

Dateline: Early evening of Wednesday August 24, 2022; Wake Forest, North Carolina. I’m the only “rooster” in a room full of angry “white hens”. The occasion was an author event with Catherine McKenzie discussing her just released book Please Join Us. Trust me, there is a political lesson/observation if you read on.

Allow me to take a diversion of personal privilege. Hey, it’s my column. My regular readers know that I read a lot of books. They can’t all be nerdy and/or political in nature. Occasionally I take a guilty please break. McKenzie may become one of my guilty pleasure authors. Based on this effort I’d sum her up as a John Grisham (another of my guilty pleasure authors) with a feminist bent.

Of all the statistical data that came before me recently the most telling was the new registration numbers when juxtaposed against gender and the recent timeline. In the wake of the Alito leak female registrations spiked. In the wake of the Dobbs decision the spike was even larger. Kansas – very much a red state – showed an even larger spike than the country as a whole. Remember Kansas was the first state to effectively have a choice referendum on the ballot post Dobbs.

Democrats have won the female demographic for some time now. The only sub-demographic they lose (and narrowly) is white women. It’s a small sample size and all from one location but let me tell you I was in a room of angry white women, all of voting age, last Wednesday. (Yes, I wanted to use another term but my self-imposed PG rating wouldn’t allow it even though it might have been more accurate.) Simply put most American women are done with being treated as property or second class citizens! They are rightfully angry and they intend to express that anger at the polls.

Yesterday’s article dealt with the 2022 Senate elections. With Donald Trump getting a clown car of candidates through the Republican primaries and Rick “The Fifth” Scott leading the “organized effort” the Democrat not only have a great chance of keeping the Senate they have a very good chance of expanding their caucus.

I simply lack the capacity to follow all 435 House races as closely, (might I suggest the Cook Political Report for that), but what just a few months ago looked like a certain loss of control now looks like a possible (although still less than likely) hold.

If the white women flip it will cause an earthquake in the electoral results. Stay angry ladies and vote your anger this fall! Democracy needs you!

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