And There Was More

The last few days have been jam packed with political news. I just spent the last two days writing about a tie for the biggest story of last week and I still had to throw in another item. That was insufficient so I will do one of my catch up style articles today.

Lies Take A Loss

DirecTV announced it would not be renewing its contract to carry One America News which will probably financially starve the network out of existence. I’m sure the right wing will scream cancel culture. The only think being cancelled are lie – some of which have caused deaths.

Plot Unmasked

Census Bureau internal memos were made public recently that outlined the political unprecedented interference by the Trump forces in the 2020 census. Their objective was to selectively count bodies. The census is a count of all persons (and Jim Jordan) living in the United States regardless to age, race, citizenship status or any other factor. Trump and his people only wanted a complete count of white citizens. Is this the Deep State the right wing warns us of? If so, thankfully they are there to preserve the Constitution (ratified in America in 1788) – which surprise Michele Bachmann, is actually the authorization for the census, not Barack Obama (born in America in 1961).

A Republican Retirement Of Note

New York Republican Representative John Katko announced he will be retiring from the House at the end of his present term. He is the third of the ten Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump to announce they would not be seeking reelection. Katko, at the direction and with the guidance of Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy negotiated the deal for a committee to investigate 1/6 only to have McCarthy pull the rug out from under him at the last minute.

We are never going to see a House composed of 435 Democrats; in fact, I’m not sure that would be a good thing for the country. In today’s GOP it appears that even occasionally acting in good conscious is an intolerable offense especially if it offends the dear leader.

Racing The Clock

The 1/6 Committee is definitely moving ahead as fast as they are allowed. The Republicans are planning on being in the majority in the next House (and that might well happen). In that event they will simply dissolve the Committee and all its work will be relegated to the trashcan of history. (It will be replaced with investigations of President Biden with the goal of impeaching him. Investigated for what and impeached on what charges? Don’t ask me but facts and reality are not important in the Trump dominated GOP.)

In that vein they have issued subpoenas to several social media firms including, Alphabet, Meta, Reddit and Twitter.

This Is Bigger Than It Appears To Most At First Glance

The Justice Department is also investigating 1/6. (More about that in a future article(s)). Last week they charged several people associated with the Oath Keepers with seditious conspiracy. This is a huge deal. To date the Justice Department has been charging people with low level crimes in an effort to pick off the low hanging fruit (and I suspect rack up some numbers). They have been criticized for the low level charges. Part of that is because they are easy to prove (and I think may be part of “deals” in some cases). Seditious conspiracy is very difficult to obtain a conviction on but it carries serious prison time. I think this means that Justice is getting closer to the top of the conspiracy -and if you think this didn’t involve a conspiracy, I suggest you stop reading and get a jump on your 2022 letter to Santa.

When faced with effectively life sentences someone in this crew is likely to cooperate and if they don’t have the “keys to the kingdom” they at least have the “keys to the unit next door”.

Republican Patriots?

Several House Republicans, including McCarthy, have been asked to cooperate with the 1/6 Committee. Keep in mind that the Committee was authorized by an act of the House and derives its authority from that body. To date they have all refused to cooperate and that looks like a game plan.

The subject matter at hand is a violent invasion of the Capital Building in an effort to stop the peaceful transfer of power as dictated by the votes of the American electorate. In simple words: a violent attack on American democracy. Wouldn’t any patriotic American fully cooperate with that?

Cowards And Mushrooms

I’ll close today’s article with the mention that the Trump controlled Republican National Committee (RNC) has indicated that it will require anyone seeking the 2024 Republican presidential nomination to affirm that they will not participate in the Presidential Debates during the general election campaign. This has Trump’s fingerprints all over it!

We know that Trump is neither a good debater nor is he willing to put in the work to prepare for them. He is assuming he will be the 2024 GOP nominee (and I agree with him). Joe Biden kicked his behind in the 2020 debates and he, or whomever the Democrats run, would probably do the same in 2024. (I’m not sure Biden will run for reelection, if he doesn’t, I’m even less sure who the nominee would be, but I can’t see the Democrats running anyone who would lose a debate to Trump.)

There is a thing called the Mushroom Theory, which due to my desire to maintain my PG rating I will not cover the second part of. The first part is, “Keep ‘em in the dark”. Trump doesn’t want to have to answer questions. If I were him, I wouldn’t want to either. But then, I try not to routinely break laws, plot an insurrection against America, lie, scam or run for President.

I am penning this on the morning of MLK Day. In case you are wondering how I’m commemorating it I intend to spend much of my afternoon reading the 1619 Project.

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