And Then There Were These

There is a lot happening; more than I can possibly cover in five articles a week. Today will be another catch up posting.

Hush Money?

The former guy’s PAC made a $1,000,000 donation to the current employer of his former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows. That was the largest donation they ever made. The next largest, (and there was only one that size), was for $10,000. The Meadows donation was 100 times larger. Could that be why Meadows suddenly stopped cooperating with the January 6th Committee? You connect the dots.

I Agree (Well, In Wishful Thinking Anyway)

I almost never agree with the immediate former president but I wish I could in one recent situation. Trump claimed that Mike Pence, as Vice President, unilaterally could decide the outcome of the presidential election. Common sense – which at least five current Supreme Court Justices glaringly lack – dictates that can’t be true. Obviously, a single person cannot decide the outcome of an election in a democracy.

I would be willing to stipulate to it for the 2024 election and let Kamala Harris decide. In fact, we could save a lot of money and not bother voting for president. Vice President Harris can simply declare that she and Joe Biden were reelected. In 2029 she can declare that she and her hand picked Vice President won. You get the pattern.

Money May Talk But It Doesn’t Always Make Sense

Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker took in $5.4 million in fourth quarter 2021 donations. Primaries are yet to happen but he is the likely challenger to Raphael Warnock. Warnock is arguably the best orator in the Senate. The worst thing Walker can do is open his mouth. Much of what comes out is a word salad and to make it worse it is seasoned with obvious falsehoods.
Unsurprisingly, Walker is Trump endorsed. Birds of a feather…seems to include the money of fools.

Red Death

Two nations far and away lead the world in anti-vaxxers: the United Sates and Russia. Both have approximately 20% of their population who simply refuse to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In America almost all recent COVID deaths are of the unvaccinated. The anti-vaxxers are disproportionately Trump supporting Republicans. See why I titled this section Red Death?

By and large they will tell you they are acting in defense of their freedom. The ultimate freedom is death. This is a case of live free and die.

Why Not Buy Some Horses Louie?

One of the bureaucratic battles currently going on in DC is between the administration and Post Master General Louis DeJoy. DeJoy is trying to buy a huge fleet of gasoline powered vehicles for the USPS; the Biden administration has its eye on leading America into the future and wants to purchase electric vehicles. I’ll just leave it there for now.

Yes Virginia (And Other Assorted Right Wing Idiots) The Climate Is Changing

The 2021 numbers are in and as of then the last seven years were the hottest on earth since those numbers have been recorded. Climate change is real and denying it only ensures that it wins. The profits are short term while intelligent people are hoping for a long term future for mankind.

An Investigation, Now How About An Explicit Law?

The Justice Department has set up a new investigative unit assigned to domestic terrorism, concentrating on the events of 1/6. There is certainly a lot of crime associated with the events of that day and I’m in favor of the dedicated unit at Justice. Now how about Congress passing a law simply making domestic terrorism itself illegal? Believe it or not we do not have such a simple law. The underlying acts are violations of statues but the act itself is not. Foreign terrorism is. Do you detect a racial undertone? I do.

Secret Speech

Neil Gorsuch was the keynote speaker at a Federalist Society event that was broadcast live with the exception of one speech; his. The current Court is so political that I suggest they ditch the black robes in favor of six red and three blue ones.

I could go into much more but there are only 24 hours in a day and you don’t want to spend all of them reading my column.

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