And In Other Outrages…

There are only seven days in the week and I only publish on five of them. That is simply insufficient to cover all the political outrages in today’s America. Today will be another of my attempts to catch up.

A Question Of Uniforms

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was going to ask the Florida Legislature to appropriate funding for an election police force. My only question is what the uniforms will look like. Will they feature red shirts in a tribute to a dark chapter in American history or will they go full disclosure and just wear their white robes and hoods?

Electoral Fraud

Over the last week or so it was publicly reported that Trump loyalist in seven states submitted false slates of Electors. It soon became abundantly clear that it was a coordinated effort. In five of the states they misrepresented themselves as the legitimate electors. In the other two they at least hedged their bet a bit. In at least the five it appears to be a clear-cut case of fraud. If my school days memory is not failing me the legal definition of fraud is: The deliberate misrepresentation of a material fact with the intent to deceive. I’m not a lawyer nor did I go to Law School but all the necessary elements appear present to me.

To add to the irony (or is it hypocrisy?) it is now coming out that the coordinator was none other than Rudy Giuliani.


Last week the Supreme Court denied a request from Donald Trump to block the release of White House records in the possession of the National Archives to the January 6th Committee. Progressives and patriots generally celebrated the ruling but I was immediately interested in who the 1 was. It was Clarence Thomas. He did so without putting his reasoning in writing – a common practice in descents. Thomas again proved he is the most corrupt justice on the current Court. (I don’t feel qualified to speak of the Court’s entire history.)

Bad Coworkers

Adam Schiff is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee and he requested that all members be tested for COVID prior to attending meetings. That sounds like a reasonable request of a member of Congress and a way to protect your fellow workers. The Republican members refused.

When the Supreme Court met to hear oral arguments in the mandate cases seven justices wore masks with Neil Gorsuch being the lone exception. This forced Justice Sotomayor, who has a preexisting condition leaving her more vulnerable to severe and possibly life ending consequences if she were to become infected, to attend via video from the safety of her office. Incidentally Gorsuch and Sotomayor are assigned adjacent seats during oral arguments. Is this a case of arrogance, lack of common sense, lack of common decency or some or all of those? It could also be upbringing/genetics; remember Gorsuch was raised by a woman who was forced to resign from Reagan’s Cabinet. That was not exactly America’s most law abiding administration.

It’s Global

I’m sure there are many, especially on the right wing, that dismiss me as someone engaged in hyperbole when I caution that democracy is under attack including in America. I firmly disagree and Donald Trump helped me prove my point again recently when he endorsed Viktor Orban for reelection in Hungary. Wannabe authoritarians and fascists have historically stuck together. I’ll be darned if today doesn’t keep resembling 1930’s Europe. Judging by the record of his administration, Trump couldn’t run America and he wants to run the world. Despite widespread perceptions to the contrary the record proves he wasn’t even very good at running his businesses.

This article was shorter than most of its ilk but it was just as incomplete and nauseating.

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