And In Other News…

While we were distracted from Russiagate by the debacles in Quebec and Singapore the job of running the organized criminal enterprise masquerading as the Trump administration goes on. Let’s explore part of what we missed.

I lived within a few miles of the Canadian border for the first 47 years of my life and found Canadians to be very pleasant people much like Americans only with a better health care system. The thought of Donald Trump turning them and their Prime Minister into American enemies is something I can’t comprehend. Justin Trudeau (son of a former Canadian Prime Minister) defended his country and Donald Trump (son of a racist Klan sympathizer and housing discriminator) took it as an insult. Hey, but he has, “Like 20 televisions” on his “company plane”.

I guess Trump will be able to sleep better at night now that (in his mind) North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat. Who knows what lies Kim and Trump told to each other in their private meeting? If you believe that North Korea is no longer a nuclear threat then perhaps you would like to wager on me in a three point shooting contest with Steph Curry. This “deal” makes the Iran Nuclear Deal look like the most ironclad and comprehensive international agreement in world history.

If we connect a few dots we can now see why EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s wife, Marlyn, never completed the Chick-fil-A franchisee application; she got a gig with the Judicial Crisis Network as a temporary independent contractor which Pruitt and his staff helped arrange. You can see the swamp the Pruitts swim in – from a homophobic restaurant chain to a group that promotes right wing judges.

Unpaid White House Senior Advisor husband and wife team Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner disclosed $82 million in income for 2017. Not a bad payday when your full time job is unsalaried. Nearly $4 million of Ivanka’s income came from her piece of the Trump Hotel in DC, plus she got a $2 million severance payment when she “left” daddy’s company. Under the cover of his continued Middle East peace tour, the White House announced Jared would soon be going to the region to meet with various groups. Absent among them are the Palestinians who refuse to waste their time in this charade of an effort after the moving of the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. I’m certain meetings with Israeli banks and various other foreign funders will be on the itinerary (although probably not publically disclosed).

In surrender to Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ruled that fleeing from gang or domestic violence will no longer qualify people as refugees. I guess that means that many women from largely lawless Central America countries can either chose to let their significant others kill them or have MS-13 rape them and then perhaps kill and/or traffic them. How do these supposed Christians reconcile their actions? Furthermore why does the Christian Right continue to support them? Where does it say all God’s white, heterosexual, male children?

In a 5-4 decision (including Trump nominee Neil Gorsuch of the purloined seat) the Supreme Court upheld an Ohio law that purges infrequent voters from the voter rolls. I feel people should vote in every election. I am a super voter. I think I have missed three in my lifetime. Two were primaries where I was new to the State and one was a municipal election where I was new to the town and was totally ignorant of the candidates. The intention of this law was not cleaning up the voter rolls. It was simply voter suppression. The fact of the matter is that infrequent voters tend to lean Democratic. That is why get out the vote (GOTV) efforts are so important in Democratic politics.

I picked up an almost unreported tidbit and now I see some interesting method to Trump’s tariff madness. Trump levied a tariff on Canadian newsprint. It just so happens that Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recently invested in an American firm that produces newsprint. Trump justified his actions as being in the interest of national security. Just who is the treat to our national security Canada or newspapers?

I continue to maintain my assertion that the Trump administration is little more than an organized criminal enterprise designed to enrich Trump and a few in his inner circle.

In full disclosure: I sit on the Board of a non-profit dedicated to helping victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse become survivors.   

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