An Outrage Largely Under The Radar

Despite coverage in the New York Times (to which I am a digital subscriber) and the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (which is one of the very good newspapers I seldom find the time to read) I missed this story until Rachel Maddow covered it on her show. My dilemma came when I had to make a decision whether to write about it for Wednesday’s publication (penned on Tuesday) or hold it for the Sunday article since I doubt we will have a more impactful and important story this week. I decided that since sunshine (in this case publicity) is the greatest disinfectant and there was still an (albeit slim) chance of stopping final passage I’d give the nod to Wednesday.

Republicans control both chambers of the Georgia legislature as well as holding the Governor and Lt. Governor’s offices. Both chambers have passed slightly different bills that would make it much easier to remove a district attorney even in the midst of an ongoing investigation and/or trial. I don’t know how many Georgia district attorneys you can name but I bet I’m not alone in that the lone sitting one I can name is Fani Willis of Fulton County.

Willis just happens to be in the middle of investigating former president Donald Trump and several prominent Georgia Republicans for their actions in connection with the 2020 election. Among those who have been informed that they are subjects of the investigation are multiple voting members of the legislature along with the Lt. Governor.

It is common knowledge that Willis’ office is contemplating criminal charges against several individuals who are under investigation including elected officials actively supporting these bills. I have to assume the differences of the various versions will be resolved into a single bill that they will want to enact into law. They have the votes and Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp (who is not a target of the investigation but still wants to “play nice” with Trump and his supporters in the Peach State) has promised to sign the legislation into law.

I am not an expert on Georgia law, but there are already several safeguards in place to discipline and/or dismiss rouge district attorneys. This proposed law is not about protecting the people of Georgia; it is about protecting the hides of people who broke Georgia law and attempted to undermine democracy nullifying the votes of the people in the process.

This simply doesn’t pass the smell test, is a dangerous attack on democracy, the rule of law and an attempt to nullify the voters. It is also an insult to the intelligence of every Georgia voter with an IQ above room temperature.

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