An Outcome And Further Observations

I had no sooner put Sunday’s article “to bed” on late Saturday morning when Pennsylvania was called for Joe Biden making him the President-Elect of the United States of America. I had predicted that outcome although I was far from certain of the timing.  Today’s is basically a continuation of yesterday’s article in that I want to explore some of the ramifications of the election.  Let’s explore.

I am among the many who have found Donald Trump difficult to predict. There is one count on which he remains consistent and it looks like he will remain such all the way out the White House door: he lies.  Trump is contenting he won the election by a wide margin, there was massive fraud and it was stolen from him.  All those accusations are extremely serious.  However there is one problem with them – they are untrue.  Trump and his minions have yet to produce any evidence to back up their claims; I contend that is because none exists.

In the closing days of the campaign Trump consistently claimed that all the talk of COVID would cease on November 4th because the problem was under control.  As my regular readers know I follow the 14 day rolling average of new cases because I feel it is the best leading indicator.  Below is the recent number of daily new cases followed by the percentage change from day 1 to day 14.

November 3      92,660  +46%

November 4      107,872 +51%

November 5      121,200 +54%

November 6      132,797 +57%

November 7      126,156 +57%

Americans are still talking and they are certainly getting infected.

I stayed up until after 4am on Wednesday morning watching election results. I’m certain I wasn’t alone.  The biggest spectacle was President Trump’s address to the nation from his taxpayer funded sound stage (a/k/a the White House).  I’m not sure that it qualified as a super spreader event only in that the crowd was relatively small.  Nonetheless they were packed into a room and maskless.  Trump took to the podium at 2:21am.  By 2:22am he claimed the results were phenomenal and claimed victory in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.  In reality as of this writing Biden has been declared the winner in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin with several news outlets adding Arizona.  Georgia is considered too close to call.  I do believe that when all is said and done Trump will have won North Carolina.  At that point in time all of Trump’s claims were lies.

But we are not over. At 2:27am he said, “This is a fraud on the American public.”  As the clock hit 2:28am he continued, “We did win this election.”  In subsequent tweets he has continued the stolen election/I won lies.

How we will get to the point of Joe Biden sitting in the Oval Office is still a story yet to unfold. In many ways it is good that the real outcome of the election is known.  The final count is another matter that will take weeks to finalize.  That is normal even without a pandemic.  That attention of the nation is still focused on the uncalled states but counting continues in all fifty.  The thing I’m the happiest about is the large (for America) voter turnout.  To me utopia would be that every eligible registered voter cast a ballot.  That is democracy.

However we are a very polarized nation. When all the counting is done Joe Biden will have the highest popular vote total in American history; but Donald Trump will have the second highest and they will both come from the same election.  The majority of American voters may well have come to the conclusion that Trump is a liar, cheat and a thief but almost half have not or voted for him anyway.  Unanimity is impossible but we have to achieve a consensus for the good of the country and by extension the world.

I still fear what the next seventy some days, very much including Inauguration Day, will bring. Under our Constitution Trump remains president until noon on January 20, 2021 barring death, resignation (which I wouldn’t rule out and would welcome) or removal from office (which will not happen).

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