An Open Letter To Kim Jung-un

Others with much larger readerships have already done this. Perhaps it is pretentious of me to, but I feel I have to do my part. The following is an open letter to Kim Jung-un.

Dear Supreme Leader Kim,

I am a 64 year-old American, grandfather of six. I have enjoyed a very good life when judged by world standards. My main interest in writing you is my grandchildren’s futures. You are a much younger man with many more years ahead of you. While little is known about you in the West I do know you are the father of a young daughter. Please continue to read my letter with her future in your mind.

Americans are very concerned with the possibility of a nuclear conflict with your country. The bottom line is that we very much do not seek one! Americans have no desire to invade your country or overthrow your regime! We would just as soon let you be as long as you will let us and our allies also live in peace!

The vast majority of Americans are very concerned about your country’s nuclear capabilities but are otherwise largely ignorant of your country. I would venture to say the majority couldn’t find North Korea (as we call it) on a map. Most don’t know that you share a border with China.

Our current President is extremely unpopular. He was elected by a minority of the electorate last fall in what the Chinese press has described as a “Democracy malfunction”. It has to do with our quirky Electoral College system which I won’t bother trying to describe.

I have been led to understand that your nation fears a preemptive strike from America. Let me assure you that the American people are against that! We realize that a conflict with North Korea will result in millions, perhaps tens of millions, of casualties. It will certainly be devastating for both Koreas and almost certainly affect China and Japan. It would have the distinct possibility of developing into a third world war.

President Trump is largely ignorant of international politics and has a habit of shooting his mouth off or tweeting before his brain engages or he gets the advice of those with some knowledge of the subject matter. The most recent example came in Thursday’s interview with Reuters when he said, “There’s a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with North Korea, absolutely”. This is not his first irresponsible and easily perceived as provocative statement. I and the majority of Americans fear that it will not be his last.

As long as you do not attack another sovereign nation the American people will be against a preemptive attack on your sovereign nation (and that is how we view it). In peace your family and mine are safe. In war their futures and very possibly their lives will either cease or never be the same. I’m not asking for myself; I’m asking for the children of the world.

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  1. I would think that Kim Jung-Un’s response to such a letter would be: “Why are you writing to me? It is Donald Trump to whom you should be writing. And yes we do fear a pre-emptive strike from America. We remember Iraq. So don’t waste your time writing to me. You should be busy getting rid of Trump.”

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