An Honorable Mention

This is the time of year everybody is passing out awards. In fact, tomorrow this site will join the parade. Before that I think it is appropriate that we recognize and give thanks to someone whose true identity we may never know – The Whistleblower. Let’s explore.

The reality is that we may never know The Whistleblower’s identity. “Deep Throat” was one of the key figures in breaking Watergate and many Americans went to their graves without every knowing his true identity. In those days anyone who actually was in the thick of things was a male. Today the universe of possibilities is much larger because women also have important roles.

It appears The Whistleblower is a true patriot who cares about American’s national security and the integrity of its democratic elections. They came forward to benefit all Americans. In their fascist style efforts the Trump sycophant Republicans are still trying to unmask The Whistleblower in an effort to make an example of them thereby deterring anyone else from coming forward.

The reality is that The Whistleblower’s identity is now irrelevant; almost everything they asserted has been confirmed. It’s the crimes that matter, not who called 911. This article is being written almost two weeks before publication and I’m sure much has transpired between my penning this and you reading it. It is extremely likely that Donald Trump has already been impeached, largely due to The Whistleblower’s efforts by the time you read this article.

Much like the citizen who calls the police and then gets out of their way, The Whistleblower acted like a responsible and good citizen. What the police and courts do is not the responsibility of the person who calls 911 likewise what the Senate does is not The Whistleblower’s responsibility.

For all the illegal conduct it outlined the reality is that the Mueller Report did not sufficiently move the needle of public opinion on impeachment and Trump was going to largely skate on his 2016 campaign’s sins and those committed in the subsequent cover-up. Ukrainegate, which we probably never would have had without the bravery and patriotism of The Whistleblower, did resonate with a large portion of the public.

I have likened the Trump administration to an organized criminal enterprise and Trump himself to a Mafia Don. When law enforcement tries to take down a mob boss they are never able to get them on all the crimes they have committed. In fact they seldom are able to get them on the most serious. It is sufficient to convict them on any serious charge(s) that takes them out of business. The same is true with removing a corrupt president.

Following my metaphorical example, while law enforcement must work with the prosecution whose goal is a conviction, it is not the fault of the informant or prosecution if the jury renders a bad verdict.

All that said I personally want to say two words to The Whistleblower and they are Thank You! Every American who believes in our Constitution should be saying the same!

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