An Apology To Mobsters

I have often referred to the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. Today I’d like to issue a deserved apology to the members of organized crime families. Let’s explore.

This is not an admiration of or thanks to criminals. It is merely an admission that, at the top, they are talented at what they do. You don’t have to agree with or admire someone to respect the talent they bring to the job. The best political example is Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch McConnell. He is pretty much pure evil but he is very talented at what he does. Trump and his Gang lack anything resembling Mitch’s talent.

One of the required talents for a criminal organization is the ability to concoct an alibi that has at least an element of plausible deniability. Richard Nixon’s crew was able to do that for several years before they met their demise. You may have not believed their story but you had to admit they at least got into the gray area with it; enough to stay within reasonable doubt of guilt.

The aftermath of the recent assassination of Qasem Soleimani is perhaps the best example of the Trump Gang’s incompetence. Basically they had a week to come up with a legal justification of their actions and they failed miserably. In order for their action to be legal under American law they had to demonstrate an imminent threat. They did not!

The Trump Gang is so incompetent that they couldn’t get all their members on board with their story given a week to do it. Current Defense Secretary Mark Esper issued a statement effectively contradicting the then current Trump Gang line. You could choose to believe that Esper was just out of the loop but then how do you account for Mike Pompeo’s statement that the Senators were briefed on the “embassy excuse” and none of them remember being told? So Esper wasn’t told and 96 Senators were all caught counting ceiling tiles instead of paying attention to the Secretary of State? The alternative is that Trump and Pompeo lied and failed to coordinate the message to the rest of the gang. I find the latter much more believable than the former.

If you put a mob gang in a room for a week they would concoct a plausible story and all “sing from the same hymn book”. The biggest difference between most mob gangs and the Trump Gang is that the mob gangs are talented at what they do.

As of this writing the Trump Gang is starting to rely on their excuse of last resort which is basically the Nixon Doctrine: if the president does it, it is legal. Now the “justification” is that Soleimani was a bad guy. Contrary to Trump rhetoric, no American is asserting that Soleimani wasn’t a bad guy. That doesn’t legally justify Trump’s action.

Allowing me some poetic license and skirting the PG ratings: the Trump Gang could be called the gang that couldn’t bull shoot straight.

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