America’s Rash

I was having one of those “grandpa moments” earlier today. I was wondering how I was going to describe the first few weeks after Trump exited the White House to my youngest grandson a few years from now.  (Thankfully he is currently too young to be paying any attention.  Snow, toy monster trucks and superheroes are taking up his days at the moment.)  I finally decided on using the analogy of a rash.  Like a rash Trump is fading away but he is still persistent and annoying.  In that vein I’ll do a “cleanup” article today.   

The Legal Dream Team

Trump seems to be losing lawyers faster than money in his business ventures. His latest legal team appears to have come from the gutters of the legal profession.  In this case Trump may still be fine.  After all who needs top notch legal representation when you have already corrupted the jury?  When looking at this section’s title remember nightmares are dreams too!

The Battle Of The Chambers

Most casual observers of American politics think of the House and the Senate as somewhat compatible especially within a given political party. That is far from the truth and is being illustrated today.  First off there is a long historical rivalry between the two partisanship aside.

They are also structured much differently from an electoral perspective. House terms are two years and the entire body is up every other year.  Senate terms are six years with two-thirds secure as the other third is campaigning for their political lives.

House members (actually titled Representatives but commonly called Congressmen – often even the females) run in districts. Senators run statewide.  Congressional districts can and most often are gerrymandered making the primary the “real election” too often.  You can’t gerrymander a state.

The latest comments by Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticize Marjorie Taylor Greene. Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy appears to be poised to slap her on the wrist with a feather.  Connect those dots and you have the story.

More Daily

More news comes out every day proving that much of the mayhem on January 6th was planned.  Using just a bit of poetic license I’m going to steal Hillary Clinton’s old line that it was a vast right wing conspiracy.  At its center was none other than the then sitting president.

Basically Trump launched a coup against the government he was sworn to defend and lead. Or as his latest legal strategy contends he was just exercising his First Amendments rights.  You decide which is more accurate.  If you are somehow unsure just wait a day or so; more keeps coming out.

What There Is Gambling Here?

I’m not going to get into the whole Game Stop – short selling thing other than to say it showed Wall Street to be naked. Trump used the Dow to illustrate how great “his” economy was.  In reality the stock market has long been little more than a legal gambling casino for rich white boys using other people’s money.

Now a bunch of poorer outsiders crashed the party and they don’t like it. To a great degree in this situation I’m a pox on both houses guy.

Who Needs Records Or Arithmetic?

It was reported that the Trump administration spent $200 million of taxpayer money on ventilators that they sent around the world but did not track where they went. This is the same crew that had no idea how many vaccine doses it had or where they were.

I’m an agnostic but I’d consider the fact that breathing is an automatic function (the only way these idiots stayed alive) as possible evidence of a God.

Maybe You Can’t

There is an expression that you can’t help stupid. I disagree but two news items contradict my position.  25% of Americans still plan to attend Super Bowl parties.  This despite the spike in new infections we saw after Christmas and that wasn’t the first mass gathering sans social distancing spike we experienced.

Trump left office with a 29% approval rating. Statistically 25 and 29% are basically the same.  Anybody want to bet that in a Venn diagram there would be tremendous overlapping of the two circles?  Maybe there are some cases where you can’t help stupid even when you repeatedly show the “horse” the “water”.

Optics Over Intelligence

When you put a large organization together you should assemble complimentary not aping “parts”. Trump doesn’t have many talents but one is projecting an image – or at least fooling a lot of people by his actions.  It is reported that when the coronavirus initially hit and Americans were evacuated from Wuhan, China they were greeted in America by personnel prohibited from wearing protective clothing.  Trump didn’t want bad optics.  Result: the pictures probably looked good but more Americans died.

Weaken The “Enemy”

In July of 2019 the Trump administration announced they were relocating Washington based employees of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to Grand Junction, Colorado. The move had two purposes and both were outside the interest of the people of America.  The first was to weaken the agency which some Trump supporters in the West saw as evil.  The second was to “throw a bone” to purple state Colorado.  DC was never going to vote for Trump in 2020.

As it ended up, like most Trump moves, it was a disaster. Colorado still voted for Biden.  More importantly the move weakened the BLM.  Of the 328 employees affected by the move 287 (87.5%) either quit or retired weakening the agency.

This is just one example of the scientific brain drain during the Trump administration; and it is one of the smallest. These are real people with lives, houses and families.  It’s not easy to just pick up stakes and move especially when it is unnecessary.  It will take decades to repair the damage Trump did to science.

There is more but I’m running long again. All and all Trump reminds me of the 1959 hit by The Coasters entitled Poison Ivy.  America, like the song says to get over Trump, “You’re gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion.”   

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