America’s April Fools

Today is April Fools’ Day and I write political op-eds. So, I thought what would be more appropriate than to write an article about the biggest fool to occupy the White House in my lifetime? We have had several bad presidents in my lifetime but the choice of the biggest fool is glaringly obvious: Donald Trump. Since April has thirty days I thought I’d list thirty examples of his foolishness (in no particular order); there are many more and I might not even get the top thirty but you have other things to do today.

1. One day it will all be gone like magic
2. Trump believed Vladimir Putin over all his own intelligence agencies.
3. He had a love affair with Kim Jong-Un
4. He asked the nation to mainline Clorox
5. He is the only president to be impeached twice and he accomplished that in a single term
6. He is the only president to lose the popular vote twice
7. He has multiple sexual misconduct cases open against him including a credible rape accusation
8. He is only president to incite an armed insurrection against the United States
9. He promised multiple revelations in two weeks’ time years ago and they still have not materialized
10. He promised the virus was under control over a year ago
11. He had many of his top campaign people credibly linked to Russian intelligence
12. His personal lawyer/fixer did time in prison
13. His campaign manager did time in prison
14. Two of his three wives have questionable immigration records
15. He had to override career professionals in order to get several senior aides security clearances
16. He spoke in incomplete sentences
17. Under him the President of France spoke English better than the President of the United States
18. He got laughed out loud at while addressing the United Nations
19. He unilaterally backed out of international agreements endangering America in the process
20. He played up to and nice with racist groups of domestic terrorists
21. He never hit the 50% mark in his approval rating
22. He tried to govern by Twitter
23. He funneled countless government dollars to his personally owned entices
24. He declared himself to be a “Very (he later changed it extremely) stable genius”
25. He used a sharpie to alter an official government chart in a manner a six-year-old would have been ashamed of
26. He never admitted a mistake no matter how obvious or often proven to be one
27. He hid health information
28. He put American government aided or sponsored science years behind
29. He violated international immigration/refugee law
30. H repeatedly lied about his own election results

The other candidate for the biggest fool in America is a huge tie; the 70 million plus who actually voted for Trump in 2020. Remember this is the country that voted for Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and bought the pet rock before it ever voted for Trump. In full and proud disclosure I never did any of those foolish things.

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