Alternate Endings

My current plans are to commence writing a novel in February. Don’t worry, I’m not going on book leave or publishing fewer days until at least the November election. The “constraints” of writing non-fiction based on the truth provide guardrails that actually make the job easier. The idea of making stuff up and developing characters somewhat terrifies me.

Trump’s reign will someday come to an end. One of the parlor games we play is how that will come about. The reality is that nobody, including Trump, actually knows. My guess has long been that it will be via resignation ala Nixon. Even if you take that as a given (which it certainly is not) there are various paths to that end. Today I’d like to explore some of them with you.  

A long time ago I wrote that there were three people to watch who could possibly forecast the end was very near. They were John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Jared Kushner. Sadly, McCain has since passed. Kushner looks like he is going down with the ship and in any event Trump will willingly sacrifice him when the time comes. McConnell is another story (more about that below). I’d like to present six different scenarios all culminating with Trump’s resignation.

History Repeats Itself

This was my desired ending. While no longer possible it is worth mentioning. Nixon’s final hours started with a delegation of Republican Senators led by Arizona’s senior Senator and former GOP presidential candidate Barry Goldwater visiting the White House. Nixon was facing certain impeachment by the House and felt the Senate Republicans would save him from removal (sound familiar?). Goldwater told Nixon he no longer had the votes he needed in the Senate. Nixon asked how many he had to which Goldwater replied, “Maybe 10, not even mine.” I wanted this ending with McCain in the role of Goldwater. It satisfied my senses of history, irony and justice.

A Twist On History

Mitch McConnell is far from a John McCain but let’s imagine the same basic plot with McConnell playing Goldwater’s leadership role. I have long portrayed Trump and McConnell as mob Dons turf sharing DC. They need each other but Trump needs McConnell much more than the reverse. McConnell was running a nice scam in Washington long before Trump ever made an appearance. McConnell controls the Senate Republicans and Trump knows it. When Trump loses McConnell’s support the game is over for him.

To Keep The Secrets

I predict Trump will never allow his tax returns to see the light of day. He is continually losing court battles to keep them secret. Baring the Supreme Court really going out on a limb for him (possible but not as likely as Trump thinks) he is going to lose one too many court rulings and with it the “game”. Before he lets the returns become public I could see him resigning.

I don’t know what secret(s) are contained in Trump’s tax returns, but he sure doesn’t want them public. I have long viewed the Trump administration as an organized criminal enterprise. Its sole purpose is to enrich Trump and a small inner circle. If the secret(s) contained in the tax returns are such that they stop the gravy train why reveal them.


Count me among the suspicious as to Trump’s unscheduled Saturday visit to Walter Reed. I certainly don’t buy White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham’s explanation that Trump was taking advantage of a free weekend to get a jump on his annual physical. Was this weekend free as opposed to his golfing weekends? (Could you pick Grisham out of a lineup or recognize her voice? I couldn’t.)

If it’s something as mundane as a cold why not reveal it? I don’t think it would crash the stock market! Could Trump be setting up an excuse to resign due to his health? He could even portray himself as an American hero who sacrificed his health for his country.

Declare Victory

Trump lies as a matter of course. He has already given himself an “A+” grade for his performance in office. What would stop him from going out a winner in his mind by simply declaring victory? He could proclaim himself to be the greatest American president of all time and say his work is done? It would certainly satisfy his ego and he could live in the Donald Dome happily ever after.

Family Guy

To me this is the least likely of all scenarios but it still could happen. Trump could use the old political excuse that he was retiring to spend more time with his family. This is especially laughable in the case of a guy on his third wife who he has already openly and repeatedly cheated on. As to children, there is little evidence that with the possible exception of Ivanka he actually cares about any of them.

Well there you have it; six possible endings. Only one can be correct and the odds are none are. Anyone who tells you they know how this will end is lying.

Now I’ll leave you with something else to ponder. It is late Monday morning as I write this. The federal government runs out of money on Thursday and there is no legislation in place to keep it open. In the best case scenario I expect a continuing resolution. Congress can’t send one to Trump much before the eleventh hour because he is certain to reject it based on some fantasy of his. At this point we can only hope we have a federal government running on Thanksgiving.

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