All The President’s Boys

Today’s is one of my catchup type articles but with a single theme. Trump and loyalty.

Stone Cold Loser

It appears Roger Stone is the latest joining the “Fifth Brigade”. These losers are all currently saying they will plead the fifth in front of the 1/6 Committee. None of them would have ever made the roster on a wining ball club but were part of the inner circle, at least during the waning days of the Trump administration. (In fairness, Stone was on the team very early.)

Their ignorance of the Constitution was made glaring when Stone’s attorney announced that Stone was pleading the fifth and therefore would not bother making an appearance before the committee. I don’t know who this legal genius is and I won’t waste my time looking that up. It simply doesn’t work that way and that is rather common knowledge even among us who never went to law school. You don’t plead in the media; you have to show up first.

He Blew It

Mark Meadows had the best chance of making a legal argument that his knowledge of Trump’s actions and those around him in the lead up to, on, and in the immediate aftermath of January 6th were protected by executive privilege. (For several reasons I think that case would have ultimately failed even with the current Supreme Court. It is that poor.) Meadows has changed his position on cooperating with the Committee more often than most Americans change their underwear. Of late and as of this writing his latest position is that he will simply not show up or cooperate in any other manner.

His first mistake was not showing up in the first place. Had he appeared he could have claimed executive privilege and then waited for the ensuing litigation. Again, the order of things is important. You show up and then state your reason(s) for not answering any specific question. Simply by not appearing he leaves himself vulnerable to contempt charges.

The other huge mistake was publishing his book. That act itself waived privilege claims in that the topic was already openly discussed. His lack of courage and intelligence undermined his book when he openly refuted the most interesting revelation to pacify Trump. When were you lying Mark? When you wrote the words or when you disavowed them?

Getting Out While The Seat Is Safe?

California Republican Representative Devin Nunes announced he was leaving Congress at the end of the year to take the position of CEO with Trump’s new proposed media company. Nunes is a Trump ally who appears to be up to his eyeballs in pro-Trump, at best, questionably legal pro-Trump activity.

The Trump media entity – it is not yet operational – is already the subject of a federal investigation and a subject in another. The CEO job doesn’t sound like a long-term secure position to me.

I’m just speculating here but, could Nunes be getting out while the getting is good and could Trump be his only alternative? If he were under indictment by next November his district (the boundaries of which may be “massaged” as part of redistricting) might not be as safe and a generic Republican might have a better chance of holding the seat. Kevin McCarthy has a history of letting indicted caucus members still hold their seats but, even if reelected, if convicted Nunes would be gone.

Then The Big Guy Himself

It was reported that Trump stands to pocket in the neighborhood of $100 million from the sale of his Washington hotel. I think Trump is trying to raise cash. He has two cash crunches coming soon. He has hundreds of millions in loan payments coming due soon. He also is facing multiple legal challenges that are all costly. (Some of those legal bills have to be paid.)

Trump is planning on being reelected in 2024. The DC hotel was a great scam for him and would be again if reelected. Why would he dump it in 2022 except to raise much needed cash?

To all his “boys” (and they are mostly males) who think he will be the white knight coming to the rescue look at history and think again! Trump is raising (often by scam) money for his own behind.

The modern American political definition of a fool is someone who donated money to a Trump cause. The modern American political definition of a big fool is someone who thinks Trump is coming to their economic rescue.

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