All The Don’s People

I’m one of the few that has consistently compared the Trump administration to an organized criminal enterprise. The more time expires the more accurate I believe I am. Let’s explore.

In the days of my youth it was commonplace to see low level, but highly publicized, organized crime arrests during the run-up to elections especially if there were one of more powerful incumbents portraying themselves as law and order candidates. A popular target was a printer or street level bookie involved in printing or distributing football betting cards. Another common pawn in the game was a collision shop that moonlighted as a chop shop for an organized car theft operation. This was a win-win for the dirty politicians and the crime bosses. The pols got their headlines and the mobsters lost an expendable, low level operation that they already had replaced before the arrests. A few “expendable little guys” lost and the general public, (which neither the crocked politicians nor the mobsters cared about), was deceived.

There is already enough verified to lead a reasonable and objective person to believe that there was something less than totally appropriate going on between Team Trump and the Russian government during our recent election campaign. We have also seen one “human sacrifice” and at least three that appear to be in process as of this writing.

Retired General Michael Flynn was forced to resign as National Security Advisor 24 days into his job. You can believe Trump’s explanation that Flynn was fired only because of the way he talked to Vice President Mike Pence but I certainly don’t! The real power in the Trump campaign/administration was and is either related to Trump by blood or marriage. He really doesn’t trust, care about or confide in anyone other than family; (much like most Mafia models.)

Press Secretary Sean Spicer has a nearly impossible job and his replacement with almost no notice is widely anticipated (including here). Kellyanne Conway has been all but silenced. Her job was to be a liar to the press. She was so good at it that most outlets no longer give her any coverage because that was all she did was lie. If it hadn’t been for her picture taking pose during what was just a publicity photo op for her boss, she would have almost totally faded from the scene. How long can it be before she is White House history?

I am projecting Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be the next fatality. Unless you believe he is even a bigger fool than he appears to be, he lied during his confirmation hearings. Last week he finally recused himself from any investigations of the Trump campaign. That should have been an automatic even if he himself were not under a cloud of suspicion. He was part of the campaign and that is reason enough for the no-brainer of recusal. There are still plenty of calls for his resignation and I think it will happen for two reasons: It is legitimate and it also takes the spotlight off the real wrongdoings by people much higher in the Trump campaign including at least two (and probably more) named Trump.

One of the few things Trump is a master at is manipulating media coverage. He never would have won the nomination let alone been elected if he hadn’t receive so much free media. Early Saturday morning he unleashed a string of tweets alleging that President Obama wire tapped his campaign. Of course he has no proof to back up his accusations. That doesn’t matter to Don Trump; he somewhat shifted attention from his Russia problem to Obama. This also played well with his base and he is doing a remarkable job of keeping that intact. (He’ll lose that in time when the promised jobs fail to show up.)

In the near future Trump will continue to use his underlings as distractions and “human shields”. He will also continue to blame others (particularly the media) for his transgressions. In his mind it is their fault for catching him; not his for doing wrong. It’s like a criminal blaming the police, not their crimes, for being in jail. If only the cops hadn’t caught the crook.

This cannot end well for Trump or the nation. In time Congressional Republicans will get tired of defending him and turn on him like their predecessors did on Nixon. Like Nixon, Trump will see several of his people go before he does. Unlike a mafia Don, Don Trump will avoid jail – he is simply too powerful to “fall” that far.

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  1. Your last statement is probably true. He will probably avoid jail. Oh but imagine the scene. Trump perp walked out of the White House in handcuffs. Sorry…I couldn’t resist.

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