All Over The Place

The title of today’s article is indicative of where it will go in another of my vain attempts to cover what I have neglected over the past week or so.

About Last Night

This subtitle itself warrants explanation. This is being penned on Sunday morning so I’m talking about Saturday night when my wife and I had settled in to watch some TV before bed.

I often wonder why people seek public offices especially executive positions like president, governor and mayor. You know there will be a crisis a minute and you will be expected to solve them with the magic wand you do not possess.

Approximately 40 minutes apart came news flashes that Venezuela had re-apprehended five American oil executives basically reneging on a prisoner swap deal it made with America. Then came the news that a Haitian gang had kidnapped a total of 17 American missionaries and their family members.

Do you really want to be President? And that was far from all that was on Biden’s plate while I relaxed in front of the tube.

Call Up The National Guard

There is a drama playing out in Chicago where it is estimated that about half the police force is unvaccinated and their union chief is telling them to stand firm. I say suspend them without pay and begin the dismissal process.

They have already to a great degree rendered themselves useless. Do you want to interact with an unvaccinated person? I don’t! If stopped by a police officer I don’t have the option of insisting on a vaccinated officer while I begrudge myself going to a movie, eating at an indoor restaurant setting, attending a large indoor gathering etc., and have for almost two years now.

Can you imagine the uproar (and I would have been part of it) if frontline police were not given priority status when the vaccines first became available?

Law enforcement is needed, especially in a large city like Chicago. Currently – and I’d like to see some assignments and resources reallocated – the police are the best option we have to provide law enforcement. At the same time, we cannot have them hold society hostage! America is a democracy not a police state. In Illinois, with its Democratic governor the solution is simple: call out the National Guard to supplement the Chicago Police force that is vaccinated.

To the police I have a simple message: prove your vaccination status or forfeit your job. Remember your job is to protect and serve not to endanger and possibly kill.

Remember this is all happening against the backdrop that in 2020 and thus far in 2021 COVID has killed more active police officers than all other causes combined. Five times more than gunshots.

Hope In The Courts?

Two Wisconsin lawsuits caught my attention recently. A victim of Kyle Rittenhouse who Kenosha, Wisconsin police befriended before his shooting rampage, is suing the city for the actions of the police. Also, parents are suing the Fall Creek School District for failing to keep their children safe by not maintaining a mask mandate.

I don’t have a lot of faith in either lawsuit based on the current composition of both the Wisconsin and United States Supreme Courts but it should be interesting. Too bad justice and common sense no longer prevail in many of our highest courts!

False Equivalencies!

I am thankful for many things among them that I don’t live in Texas. I’m not sure they have the nuttiest Republicans – that is a heck of a contest and North Carolina is in the competition – but they have to be a strong contender. I could do multiple articles just on recent Texas events but today I will focus on one.

Texas teachers are totally perplexed as to how to handle teaching history and still teach the truth. They are being instructed that when the subject matter is a subject of controversy, they should make an effort to stay neutral while airing both sides. One example is the Holocaust. There is an element that contends it never happened and is just a big hoax. Keep in mind there is still a contingent that maintains the world is flat. (The two groups largely overlap.)

Especially in an academic setting. I’m all for airing opposing viewpoints but when we get to truth versus right wing mythology, I don’t want to waste time.

Ending On A Relatively Happy Note

Former Senior FBI official Andrew McCabe had his firing reversed, expunged, received back pension payments and is to receive all future ones. McCabe’s “crime” was to do his job and pursue credible reports of crime by former President Donald Trump and his associates.

I guess you can say justice prevailed in the long run but at what cost to McCabe and his family in the interim? We may never know.

Well, that is enough for today and as in all such endeavors I ultimately failed.

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