Advice Demise?

Today’s article is basically a hypothesis connecting a few known facts and two believable assumptions leading to what I feel is a logical conclusion. Let’s explore and see if you agree.

We know President Trump fired James Comey, largely on the advice of son-in-law and Senior Advisor Jared Kushner. Kushner felt that the Democrats would be happy to see Comey go because of his actions late in the 2016 campaign that were harmful to Hillary Clinton. Kushner, like his father-in-law is a self-serving transaction type of person. What they both discounted was a basic sense of fairness and morality among the Democrats and Americans at large. By and large Democrats are not fans of Comey, but they felt his firing was both unfair and handled shabbily. Only days later in an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Trump admitted that he fired Comey because of, as he put it the, “Russia thing.”

The ensuing outrage brought the appointment of Robert Mueller and with it a huge spotlight. There is a very good chance that had Trump not fired Comey he could have survived a much less intense investigation.

Despite Trump’s efforts I am of the opinion (hopefully it is not wishful thinking) that the Mueller probe will survive in one form or another. If nothing else I am convinced that Robert Mueller is tough and smart. I am willing to bet that he has sealed indictments and/or evidence well disbursed. We know he has “farmed out” large portions of the investigation. Even with a corrupt and conspiratorial Attorney General completely erasing the probe will be impossible.

The limits of presidential pardon powers are constitutionally untested. If Trump has stacked the Supreme Court as well as he feels that he has that body might well rule that Trump has the authority to pardon himself in addition to anyone else regardless of relationship or the illegality and/or conspiratorial nature of the crime. However, it is crystal clear that a president’s pardon powers only covers federal crimes. They do not apply to state crimes. Trump, his children and Kushner have had questionable business and charitable dealings in New York State for decades. Don’t expect New York to give them a pass!

To our knowledge Mueller has not questioned Kushner. Remember we are far from knowing everything that Mueller and his team have done. Even if they haven’t questioned or indicted Kushner the possibility that they will is high. I don’t see Kushner going to prison for anybody, very much including Trump. When squeezed Kushner will roll over. The ironic part is that Mueller will be the one doing the squeezing and Mueller would have never been on the scene if Trump hadn’t followed Kushner’s naïve advice.

If (and I think it is more a case of when) Kushner rolls Trump is toast.

To sum up my entire theory: Kushner reads the tea leaves incorrectly and then advises Trump who takes the advice. That leads to Mueller being appointed. Mueller then gets Kushner to roll on Trump and that leads to Trump’s demise. I find that entire scenario very plausible. Time will tell and one thing is for sure; whether I am largely or completely correct or incorrect it won’t be a smooth path.

The life lesson is that if you find yourself in a job that you are not equipped to handle, at least surround yourself with a competent staff.

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Correction: ABC has reported that the Mueller team met with Jared Kushner. I was incorrect. However, that does not change my hypothesis.