Administration Or Criminal Enterprise

On October 1st this site published an article entitled Don Trump in which I asserted that Trump was acting like a mafia don and running his businesses like a criminal enterprise. As his administration starts to take form it looks like he intends to run it like his businesses; in fact it may be difficult to differentiate the two. Effectively the Trump administration will be run for the financial benefit of Donald (a/k/a Don) Trump not the American people. Let’s explore.

Famously Richard Nixon said that, “When the President does it, it’s not illegal.” Nixon was wrong and ultimately ended up resigning in disgrace. Trump has made similar statements in recent days. Trump has various international business concerns which have never been completely disclosed. He sees no problem with discussing affairs of state with a foreign official and then seamlessly switching the conversation to an issue that will benefit one of his business interests. In fact he sees no problem with putting his son-in-law, one of his executives or one of his kids on the line since he already has that foreign official on the phone. While I am not a lawyer nor did I attend law school those seems to be prima facie examples of conflict of interest and quid pro quo.

Wednesday I wrote Bright Side Con Job for this site in which I criticized Trump’s infrastructure plan. I used the example of a bridge and a Trump friendly corporation. What is to say that the project will be as useful as a bridge or that the corporation won’t be part or entirely Trump owned? The American taxpayers could well be funding a private construction project for a Trump enterprise that Trump will profit from for decades to come.

I, like Trump, has the opportunity to graduate from a world class business school, (unlike Trump my daddy didn’t pay for my education nor did I transfer in half way through college), the “blind trust” he is putting his businesses into doesn’t come close to meeting the definition of a blind trust that I learned. The only person who would believe that Trump’s businesses are going into a blind trust is one who doesn’t know what the term means.

Like most people I like to watch an occasional mob movie. Years ago I was a fan of the HBO series The Sopranos. Whatever scam the “boys” are running one of the rules is that the Don “gets his beak wet”. In plain English the boss gets paid off. That is the way Trump seems to want to run his administration. Trump has always been a greedy, bully; what makes anyone think he is suddenly going to “get religion” at 70?

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  1. Once again the burglars have picked the locks. Perhaps the greatest legacy of Trump’s presidency will be the raft of new legislation specifically to enshrine in law what has only been accepted tradition up to this point. Trump has spent his entire life finding loopholes in the law without any sense of ethics.

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