Acknowledge The Obvious

Notice: In order to accurately quote two individuals two different words that may violate my PG rating are used below.

Please read this with the late Maya Angelou’s words in mind. “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”

During the 2016 campaign Donald Trump infamously disrespected the late John McCain when he claimed McCain was not a war hero because he was captured. These are especially rich words coming from Cadet Bone Spurs. During his presidency he referred to the buried World War II dead in France as “Losers” and Suckers”. If at that point you had any doubt as to what he thought of the military it was your own fault.

Last week in a gambit that landed flat with all but his minions Trump mocked his rival Nikki Haley because her husband, who is currently on active duty in the military and deployed in Africa, wasn’t at her side on the campaign trail. Speaking of absent spouses, what is Melania’s excuse? More importantly since when is serving your country – and even at the rank of Major Mr. Haley certainly didn’t cut his own orders – something to be mocked. Typical progressive, I am often not a fan of the mission but I have enough common sense and decorum not to mock the warrior.

At this point any veteran who still supports Trump is either not paying attention or in need of mental health care.

Closely aligned, Trump this weekend said that if reelected he would encourage Russia to do whatever they wanted (read: attack and invade) to any NATO member country that was behind on their dues. There is peace through the deterrent effect of strength and NATO has prevented a global conflict since the late 1940s.

Mr. Trump, neither of us has worn the uniform – I don’t count the uniform of your rich boy military reform school high school – but at least I study history and have the good sense to not mock the military especially where it has been very effective.

A weakened NATO would not serve the interests of America but it would serve those of Vladimir Putin. Who is your real boss Mr. Trump? It doesn’t appear the American people ever have been or would be. The western democracies are frightened by how close you are coming to reentering the White House. With “allies” like you, who needs enemies?

During the 2016 campaign I remember Bill Maher – who has known Trump for years – describing him as a, “Bullshit artist”. While accurate that was probably kind but proved to be incomplete. Last Sunday Scott Jennings, who served in a senior capacity in the George W, Bush administration, repeatedly described Trump as, “An asshole,” on CNN. That may be the most accurate and succinct description of him to date.

When will his followers acknowledge the obvious?

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  1. Sad to say, Trump’s accession to the presidency says more about the relative ignorance of the electorate than it does about him. He was always a snake.

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