Accepting Reality

The Donald Dome is a nice place to live if you are Donald Trump; unfortunately it is not the reality the rest of the country and the world exist in. Today I’ll touch on just two examples of how Trump’s actions are dangerous and deadly.  Let’s explore.

Late Saturday morning within a matter of minutes various news outlets spanning the political spectrum declared Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election. As of this writing Donald Trump refuses to accept the fact that in a record turnout the American voters chose not to renew his contract.  Trump can live in whatever fantasy he chooses except that he is also taking actions that further waste taxpayers and donors’ money as well as threaten the lives of many of his loyalists, let alone the population at large.

There is no shortage of disturbing news lately but one item particularly struck me. Trump has had his minions pass the word that if any staffers are caught looking for a new job they will be terminated.  Not everyone in politically appointed or influenced jobs in DC is wealthy and/or powerful; far from it.  With every administration there is a huge flow of people coming into and out of the DC metro area; especially with a change of presidential parties.  (A great occupation right now is being a real estate or rental agent in metro DC.)  Along with Trump a lot of young Republicans came to DC in January of 2017.  Some of them were young Republicans looking for an opportunity to work their way up; some were, and still may be, Trump loyalists.  They know that Trump has lost and their jobs will vanish in a few weeks.  Simply put, they need new jobs and in most cases that will entail moving.  Trump is rewarding them by cutting short their job search time and probably forcing them into a period of unemployment which may well spell the end of their political ambitions.

That is the one way loyalty we have seen from Trump and will deplete the bench of the Republican Party. What I am hoping for is that the Republican Party will reconstitute itself in the aftermath of Trump and reemerge as the center-right party that, while I will never be a member of it, many Americans want.

There are many other ways Trump’s denialism with respect to the outcome of the election is hurting America but time and space will have me move on from that topic.

Monday was the first workday of the Biden transition and a case can be made that they already have done more to try to protect America from the pandemic than Trump has done since he first found out about the threat in January of this year. Biden named a 13 member advisory committee made up of scientists and physicians with expertise in the areas of public health and contagious diseases.

A few words of explanation and clarification about the Pfizer vaccine are in order. The released test results to date are promising and that is both welcome and wonderful news.  However let’s keep this in perspective.  The vaccine is of the double dose variety.  You would receive the vaccine and 28 days later need a booster or second dose.  Also, and in my mind more importantly the vaccine needs to be stored at extremely low temperatures.  The logistics of getting the vaccine from the lab to people’s arms is massive.  Add to that the storage/transportation challenges and you can see what an undertaking it will be.  Also, the first batch of the vaccine is slated to be 50,000 doses.  America has a population in access of 300 million.

Even in the rosiest scenarios it will be a long time before we can vaccinate a sufficient portion of the population.

Meanwhile Trump appears to be on a path of ignoring the virus/pursuing herd immunity (which I call herd insanity). I know according to Trump we were all supposed to stop talking about COVID-19 after Election Day because it would simply go away, but like most of what he says it was a lie that did not reflect reality.  In the last few days America has passed the 10 million inflections mark and it is not getting any better.  As of November 9th the 14-day rolling average of new cases was +64% with 130,553 new cases reported that day.

Trump is now America’s version of Baghdad Bob and denying reality isn’t working. Mr. Trump please quit trying to gum up the works and just go quietly without inflicting any more harm.  If not interfered with a competent administration is on its way.

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