Abundance Of Opinions; Shortage Of Capacity

My biggest frustration in writing this column is that I lack the resources to cover everything I would like to. Today’s is another of those catch up type pieces and I have an opinion about each item.

Praise For Putin

In response to Vladimir Putin declaring the existence of two new countries and then commencing an occupation of them former President Donald Trump called him a, “Genius”.

Mental capacity, like height is relative. Compared to Trump, Putin is an Einstein! Remember Trump was Putin’s useful idiot and Putin would like nothing better than to see Trump return to the Oval Office.

Child Abuse

Texas Governor, Greg “Not To Be Confused With A Genius” Abbott, is directing Texas state agencies to investigate gender-affirming care as child abuse.

I suggest that a better example of child abuse is parents that refuse to have their children vaccinated. A better use of state agencies might be to investigate why the Texas electrical grid fails when it gets cold outside.

Soon To be Confirmed

A few months ago, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Dr. Joseph Ladapo as Florida’s Acting Surgeon General. It appears that since DeSantis’s loyal minion fellow Republicans control the process Ladapo is about to be confirmed albeit several months later.

COVID-19 is the biggest health concern in the Sunshine State and the nation and has been for about two years now. Let’s look at how well qualified Ladapo is in regard to this challenge. Ladapo first came on the national scene when he played dress up in DC with a group that called themselves America’s Frontline Doctors. They claimed to have magic cures for COVID-19 which all proved to be false hoaxes that many of them later profited from. In other words, it was a money making scam. That would certainly endear him to a Trumper. In his confirmation hearings Ladapo proved incapable of giving a simple yes or no answer to the question of if masks were effective against the virus.

Underlying all this Ladapo lied about his vast hands on experience with COVID patients while at UCLA. Experts are not yes men. We saw how well surrounding yourself with yes men versus real experts worked in the Trump economy and “fight” against the pandemic.

Olaf Answers The Question

One of the few questions that has been answered in the Ukraine situation is just how bold German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is. Of all the sanctions against Russia as of this writing the most impactful, and bold on the part of the leader who levied them, is the suspension of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. The pipeline was to carry petroleum products from Russia to Germany and would account for billion of dollars in commerce. It is reasonable to assume that heating costs will rise in Germany as a result of this sanction and that never makes a leader popular with his people.

Thus far both NATO and The EU are stronger and more united than Putin imagined. Scholz may well be as tough as his predecessor Angela Merkel and that is saying a lot!

Abortion Tourism For The Few

When I ran a retail outlet, I paid almost no attention to customer count. I measured success in profit and there is no bottom line without a top line (sales). From a spending standpoint all customers are far from equal. I think several of our neighbors to the South may be looking at abortion the same way. It appears they want to get in on what I am calling an abortion tourism boom.

Columbia’s Constitutional Court (their equivalent of our Supreme Court) decriminalized abortion earlier this month. Columbia follows Mexico and Argentina who recently took recent similar actions. They are simply recognizing the reality that the Court will is extremely likely to overturn Roe v Wade in the process making abortion illegal in many American states including most if not all of the American South.

Furthermore, they recognize the reality that Republicans are not willing to acknowledge that the laws will basically only impact poorer women. Women with greater economic resources will simply travel to obtain the medical service. Their numbers may not be great but they will come with plenty of available funds on their credit and debit cards.

Am I Supposed To Be Surprised ?

Shocking but not surprising. Many think that is the capsule line with which to sum up the Trump administration. I agree but I’ll take it much further. It describes a lot of investigative journalism revelations.

Recent leaked data revealed that Swiss banks were used by a plethora of less than savory characters to hide money from the 1940s to into this century. Credit Suisse was named in this most recent revelation but this practice is much larger than just them or just Swiss banks for that matter.

My first real job was in banking so I’m shocked but really not all that surprised.

That’s enough for today; you have meals to hold down.

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