About Throws

At one point during my coaching career I worked for an Athletic Director who shared my love of baseball. It was our mutual favorite sport despite the fact that the school didn’t even have a baseball team. We enjoyed a running debate of bad throw vs. no throw with each of us taking opposite sides of the question. Without getting into the baseball weeds I will simply state that we were both simultaneously correct and incorrect – it depends on the situation and the degree of bad. Read on – I’ll tie this into today’s American politics.

Last week President Biden finally announced measures that come close to a vaccine mandate. To put this in the context of the opening paragraph’s debate I’d call it a late throw. I’m among the many who have lost patience with the anti-vaxers and anti-mask people among us. Unlike Biden I don’t have to worry about elections or even popularity.

Here is the bottom line: your refusal to act like a responsible adult endangers the population at large including those under 12 for whom a vaccine is not yet available and the small portion (less than 2%) of the population who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

In fact, I don’t think Biden has gone far enough. His “mandate” simply gives a date where a sizeable portion of the population either has to be vaccinated, submit to weekly testing or lose their job. I’d go with a vaccination mandate, period. The big question the political right raises is if Biden’s current action or my proposed action is constitutional and the simple answer is a resounding, Yes. There are two Supreme Court rulings that set clear precedent: Jackson v Massachusetts (1905) and the reaffirming ruling of Zucht v King (1922). I will not rule out the possibility that the current Supreme Court majority will overturn both but let that happen when and if it happens. In my opinion, and I’m joined by many, the current Court majority cares little about precedent or the Constitution itself for that matter.

The clarion call from the right is freedom. Well with freedom comes responsibility. I though conservatism was built around, among other things, personal responsibility. Then again today’s right has simply coopted the term conservative to make themselves sound legitimate and respectable. (Much like Republican and Christian, but that is another article for another day.)

In the hope of keeping the base on their side most Republican governors have become unhinged and dangers to mankind. I can just hear their calls to the Oval Office now. Mr. President I will fight your vaccination drives and masking guidelines because you are infringing on my freedom. Oh, by the way can you send some refrigerated trucks that we can use as supplemental morgues?

With the recent Texas law abortion is back on the front burner of political debate in America. How can you say you are pro-life and simultaneously be against a proven life saving vaccine? Part of the answer is that the so-called pro-life people were never pro-life in the first place. They were anti-choice, misogynist and pro-fetus, but never pro-life.

In this case Biden’s “throw” is later than I’d have like to have seen it but it certainly beats no “throw”!

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