A Very Bad Week For The Former Guy

Thursday Tish James dropped out of the New York State governor’s race and announced she would seek reelection as New York’s Attorney General. That was the worst news Donald Trump got in a week that was a very bad week for the former guy!

Those walls just keep closing in on Trump and while he will get away with a lot – as he has his entire life – it is appearing increasingly inevitable that something is going to get him and my money is on one of the probes James has into his misdeeds. First, I want to take a brief look at some of his troubles on other fronts.

The word is that Alex Jones will be joining what I have named the Fifth Brigade and will plead the Fifth along with Trump allies like Roger Stone. I do not have nearly the stature of an ex-president and I wouldn’t associate with Jones, Stone or the likes of them. Donald, there are still people out there who will judge you by the company you keep.

The Mark Meadows’ book was released last week. The biggest moderating factor for Trump is that it isn’t selling well. Despite Meadows’ kissing up to Trump the damage (from Trump’s perspective) was already done in the pre-release publicity.

A three judge panel of the DC Circuit Court emphatically ruled that Trump has no executive privilege rights with regard to the records requested by the 1/6 committee. The only thing the ruling gave Trump is a two week stay during which he can appeal to the Supreme Court. I am willing to bet he will take it right to the end (which basically puts us into Christmas) as part of his delay game. I am among the many who feel it is unlikely the Court will actually take the case thereby letting the ruling stand. The biggest question in my mind is how fast the Court will act. Remember the core of Trump’s legal strategies through the years has been to delay. The justices may well not be willing to stick their necks out for him but they may let him run the clock a bit.

Now back to the Empire State. This is still the most dangerous set of investigations to Trump. James didn’t drop out of the governor’s race because she suddenly fell so in love with her current job. She did so because the big time endorsements and money weren’t forthcoming. She obviously has her sights on a higher profile position and the best way for her to put herself in the running for one is to take down a big fish. Who is a bigger fish than an ex-president? More than ever, Tish James is now a woman on a mission and that mission is to convict and/or monetarily severely hurt Donald Trump. Think about it; the woman who did what Hillary Clinton couldn’t do – beat Donald Trump. That’s one heck of an implied campaign slogan especially in New York.

As in evaluating a pending game, let’s look at the recent head-to-head matchups. James took on Trump twice in recent years: Trump University and the Donald J. Trump Foundation. She beat him decidedly both times. The financial settlements alone cost Trump $27 million and those weren’t the only significant penalties.

On the federal level Trump’s boys are banking on a combination of a delay game, the Republicans taking the House in the next Congress and Trump being reelected in 2024 then pardoning them. That’s a lot of things that have to go right; but when you have already committed the crime(s) I guess a Hail Mary pass is better than punting. Those protections don’t apply on the state level and James operates on the state level.

For years I have likened the Trump operation to an organized criminal enterprise. Al Capone committed a lot of crimes that he got away with but they finally got him on income tax evasion. As a criminal you have to go undefeated; I don’t think Trump will unless he dies before James gets him.

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